Is Monsanto To Blame For Cancer, Birth Defect Spike In Argentina?

Is Monsanto To Blame For Cancer, Birth Defect Spike In Argentina?


“Earlier this month, the Associated Press released an article reporting an alarming increase in the rates of cancer and birth defects in Argentina since 1996, when the country welcomed Monsanto to its farm belt. … Doctors in rural provinces in Argentina report cancer rates two to four times higher than the national average, and quadruple the rates of birth defects. … epidemiological study showing a 90 percent increase in cancer rates since 1997. Monsanto came to Argentina in 1996”

Well, wall street is looking to be under hundred feet of water as hard as it can, to make a buck pursuing it’s christo nazi plausible denial genocide plans AKA NWO cristo-nazi world conquer agenda. It is now known for a fact that Monsanto ‘is’ the US government and the US government is Monsanto, after they made Secretary of Agriculture a former Monsanto CEO and passed a law in the US, that makes impossible to sue Monsanto, hallelujah.

And while wall street christo-nazi crooks may increase cancers (and not only, looking at the increases of birth defects,) for their usual buck, in their genocide agenda, if I was them I would start being worried about problems of refrigeration, because they can’t expect the whole planet to be stamped ‘stupid’ on their forehead, keeping underestimating retaliation.

As the old say, with time the friends decrease linearly, but the enemies multiply exponentially, the US, for the sake of the US, should look into methods for removing the wall street nazi-christo-mafia cancer with the scalpel, before somebody else may do so to the US. Wall street is overestimating the US possibilities of survival, with a whole planet tired of their ‘plausible denial’ ‘sell your mother for a buck’ gig.


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