Greenaccord and climate change

Greenaccord and climate change


“Mass migration of environmental refugees would bring misery to millions. People previously dependent on fish would face serious problems with nutrition. Grain belts may shift and food security be disrupted. More wars would erupt over natural resources … The challenge for climate change implies the need to phase out, as soon as possible, the current economic system, which is predominantly supplied by fossil fuels and not by renewable and clean energy. … The vocation of being a “protector”, however, is not just something involving us Christians alone; it also has a prior dimension which is simply human, involving everyone.”

Well, it is good to hear “economics” and “religions” making an effort (in words only for now,) to fix the problems “they” have created with “their quackeries” of “unlimited procreation” and consequent “population bomb” and with “their” “monetary efficiency” and consequent predation on world scale trough ‘divestiture’ of the people, banksters rackets convenient ‘bubbles,’ plain legalized ‘community theft’ of socialization of losses with privatization of profits, genocides, poverty, mass extermination and resource wars.

Nevertheless, the reality remains that the “competitive reproduction” social ranking rigged system inspired by centuries of the religions and economic quackeries institutions, and their puppets projects, corrupted politics of ‘democratic’ usury predation based plutocratic systems, remain the “highest obstacles” to the “survival of the human species” on a track towards “extinction.”

All have to give up something, the religions have to give up their “unlimited procreation” mythology, their opposition to civilized forms of birth control, such as depo-provera, their opposition to civilized methods of containing mortal diseases diffusion, trough prophylactic methods, condoms included, here religions could make themselves useful teaching the importance of ‘responsibility’ in procreation, helping humanity understanding the need to avoid putting in this world more starving people, in a planet that can barely sustain in the long term, one fourth of the current population. Maybe churches should put experienced women in charge of the issues of procreation, for whatever reason females tend to be more reactive to the issue, especially when they have experienced effects on their skin. Here, a female cardinal, in charge of a newly designed ‘institute for responsible procreation,’ actually one of the progressive American nuns would fit perfectly, they have the balls the males are lacking.

All have to give up something, the economics have to give up their “monetary efficiency” fraudulent quackery, and their sophistic frauds of ‘subjective values’ and legitimization of usury and predation, the first being the primary cause of all the inefficiencies and wastes in the system (e.g. look at idiocies such as planned obsolescence, and pricing competition vs Life Cycle Cost Competition,) the second causes of the exponential divergence between the fake fraudulent monetary currency of the economics fraud, and the ‘real’ currency of the universe, ‘energy,’ cause of every disgrace of the human species, predation, genocide, wars. Maybe the economists should give up on their ‘convenient’ ‘conflict of interest,’ and be looking more seriously at giving up their usury skim, replaced by a flat fee, and energy value theory, and with the latest the need of implementation of ‘one’ world currency ‘constrained’ and ‘backed’ by ‘real’ energy, maybe calorics ?, or you prefer kilowatt ? Would that not help ‘real’ efficiency instead than the ‘monetary efficiency’ of the crooks who own the printing press ?

Now be well, and ‘learn’ to ‘live like saint Francis’ instead than just preaching it, ‘memento mori,’ you can not take it with you anyways, so what the heck is the purpose to be predatory beasts, both religion and economics need to learn to be humans, instead than cave man predatory animals, amun (ra.)


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