Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?

Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?


“Do we think global society can avoid a collapse in this century? The answer is yes, because modern society has shown some capacity to deal with long-term threats, at least if they are obvious or continuously brought to attention (think of the risks of nuclear conflict).”

Well, I hope he is right, even if given that there are 430 nuclear power plants targets in the world, mostly located in the west, and that ballistic and space technology is today in the hands of practically any significant country in the world, certainly there could be something to worry.

It would probably take not too many of those centrals hits by ICBM’s carried BBBs, or even by a few Airbus 380 loaded with thermite, to end the life on earth, ‘and’ considering the northern hemisphere is ‘also’ vulnerable by a more or less targeted meltdown of the southern pole, the possibility that the plans of the new world order (AKA wall street christos mafia, and associates religious terrorists,) may happen with no retorsion, may not really be as certain, but again, I hope to be wrong, at least long enough to be gone before then.

The ones who may be alive at the time, may see with their own eyes wide open the fireworks, or the new canoes routes to wall street, both could be spectacular shows, no doubt …


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