The U.S. is Trusting Turkey to Battle Terrorism, But Here’s Why That’s a Huge Mistake

The U.S. is Trusting Turkey to Battle Terrorism, But Here’s Why That’s a Huge Mistake


“Syrian rebels are moving in and out of Turkey as they please. Most of these rebels are armed and belong to the jihadist terrorist group Jabhat Al-Nusra. In other words, peace, quiet, and fresh air isn’t why they’re going to Turkey”

Well, the whole picture is worrisome. Starting from the “fact” that the US own leadership of wall street Christos predatory usury groups is sympathetic (and possibly the architect, under the table, plausible denial,) to religious talebanates and the US itself, is on the path of becoming a nazi-religious country. OTOH genocide, predation, usury and slavery are vastly valued and supported in Christian America morals (or lack thereof,) in so we can state Christianity is a criminal international terrorist racket, allied to all the other religions terrorists rackets, and in light of so, it is not surprising the US wants to help Erdogan to transform Turkey into a caliphate.

Reading history again, the US went to Vietnam to defend (Christos mafia) Vatican interests, then installed the ayatollahs in Iran with plausible denial to get a better price on oil (pyramids anybody ?,) for later invading Sunny Iraq and transforming it into a Shiah talebanate on the model of Iran, same reason, and not happy with all of that, the US started burning food as bio-fuel, in so causing doubling in the price of foods, to cause (always with plausible denial,) all the Arab springs, with the (covered) purpose of installing the Muslim brotherhood in power in all Africa (and on the side starving the mexicans, and increasing money and power of mexican narcos, which are known to provide with the other opium trade in Afghanistan, 8% of wall street revenues.)

Later step, the US is now helping introducing taleban governments into NATO (nothing new, in facts the dissolution into complete religious corruption in italy, was one of wall street and Vatican nazi-mafia puppet projects, as the cato-marxist plan to reintroduce Rasputin Christianity significance in Russia trough the US-vatican financed perestroika,) as well, and those are the models they (wall street) are trying to repeat in turkey,) in order to break NATO and the European Union apart, since NATO is the only obstacle for the US in the way of attacking Europe. In so, the arab springs are a strategic (plausible denial action,) to promote mass migration towards Europe, with the (plausible denial) intent of installing more religious freaks there too, IOW, the neo-cons US is on a battle for god to re-establish on world scale slavery, predation, usury and genocide, trough arbitrary power of religion/economics crooks and their unwarranted quackeries, hallelujah.


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