Letter to emperor sparks Japan row

Letter to emperor sparks Japan row

(from news.uk.msn.com)

“A novice Japanese MP who wanted to draw attention to the Fukushima nuclear crisis has caused an uproar by doing something taboo: handing a letter to the emperor. … wanted to make an appeal to the emperor about the crisis in Fukushima”

Well, ‘both,’ possibly he should have handled the letter to the Emperor Personal Secretary, whatever the title is in Japan, however, let us not forget that this is not an ‘ordinary’ circumstance, and Fukushima is the biggest accident in the history of nuclear technology, at this point estimated ‘ten times’ worse than Chernobyl.

As per Machiavelli, ‘the end justifies the means,’ and given the impasse in handling the issue, is required a ‘political’ approach to start a process of mobilization at world level, possibly trough the United Nations, but a prerequisite of such choice requires a direction from a point above the various vulgar conflicts of interests of parliamentary and industrial lobbies.

In so the Emperor of Japan is probably the only figure in the Country, that could raise above the polemics, and in the interest of the people of Japan, (and the people of the entire planet, here the pacific and north America are starting being affected by the meltdown,) raise the issue of a ‘world scale’ request for international humanitarian and technological help, trough the Japanese representation at United Nations level.


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