The Population Puzzle

The Population Puzzle


“Aren’t there too many families? Doesn’t supporting families encourage them to bring more children into an already crowded world? Quite the opposite, argue Frances Moore Lappé and Rachel Schurman of the Institute for Food and Development Policy, more widely known as Food First … high fertility is … an effect more than a cause of poverty and hunger … understand population patterns: power … antidemocratic power structures create and perpetuate conditions keeping fertility high … [in the] United States … political participation and expression are protected, but citizens’ rights to economic resources essential for livelihood and health care are not protected So a significant share of the population goes without enough income to provide adequate food, housing, and health care … CHILDREN: POOR PEOPLE’S SOURCE OF POWER … for those in extreme poverty, children can be critical to one’s very survival … unjust economic structures also know that without children to care for them in old age, they will have nothing … WOMEN + POWERLESSNESS = HIGH BIRTH RATE … disproportionate powerlessness of women … “

All true, classic neo-cons economics quackery (which as the religion and banking usury, is interested in profits of wars and genocides,) is selling the population bomb and the predation of the poor, as an incentive to production, IOW targeting the ‘increase’ of the population below the level of minimum needs.

An example of such myopic economic idiocy, is the banking rackets and christo wall street finance mafia, attack to people retirements (under various forms,) or the recent attack on food stamps. OTOH only idiots that believe in ‘monetary efficiency,’ rightly backed by idiots that believe in fairy tales in the sky forgiving sins, can believe this mafia crooks cartel of those genocide subhumans, which are so stupid that don’t even understand they are shooting themselves and their future, on both foot with a Kalashnikov, with such idiocies.

In ‘reality’ outside of the failed economic religion quackery, a cult of incompetent crooks with no scientific value, a discipline of self glorifying clowns which in reality are a mafia bandits racket, what the ‘measured facts’ evidence, is that such approach leads to a reaction of fear, towards tribal survival methods, which not only ‘increase’ the population bomb, because of a shift towards high labor intensive structures, but also contribute to disruptive domino effects over the higher levels of the scale of needs, ‘on planetary scale.’

So here we are on the titanic, and the neo-cons christian economic glorified idiots, think that while the ship is sinking, the best thing to do is procreate more passengers, ‘and’ maybe cut the life jackets to the third class passengers, to give three life jackets to the first class ones, a species of greater cretins has never existed in the history of the planet, wall street and the vatican may remain in history as the largest concentration of idiots humanity was ever able to produce.


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