Weak global growth to prolong Asian slowdown: Poll

Weak global growth to prolong Asian slowdown: Poll

(from reuters.com)

“The slowdown in Asian economies will likely persist for the rest of this year as weak global growth and reforms under way in many countries hinder activity, Reuters polls showed on Thursday”

The asian paper tiger is done, there is just not enough net energy output for them to keep growing with the idiotic western logic.

Their miracle is over, from now on is all blood and tears, they will go down very very slow compared to us, but they hit the hard limits too, and if they want to make it, at least barely survive in this position, they need to start going into population ‘negative’ growth.

There they have an advantage, they don’t have the religions of Christian pigs, promoting unlimited procreation, and they know the hard way where the Marxist quackery of the ‘mother heroes’ leads to. For China, the next 50 years are most likely going to be characterized by stability, if they make the right demographic choices (decreasing very strongly births.)


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