Free to Be Hungry

Free to Be Hungry


“the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) — has become a target … has grown a lot, with enrollment rising from 26 million Americans in 2007 to almost 48 million now … SNAP, however, is one program that has been expanding, and as such it has indirectly helped save hundreds of thousands of jobs … Adjusted for inflation, the income of the top 1 percent rose 31 percent from 2009 to 2012, but the real income of the bottom 40 percent actually fell 6 percent. Why should food stamp usage have gone down? … almost two-thirds of SNAP beneficiaries are children, the elderly or the disabled, and most of the rest are adults with children … war on food stamps, especially combined with the vote to increase farm subsidies, is bad for the G.O.P., because it makes Republicans look like meanspirited class warriors. Indeed it does. And that’s because they are”

Well, the war on food stamps to subsidize Monsanto killer cancer causing OGMs, themselves in a mission for god like the others, to subsidize petroleum companies which don’t like to stop building gas guzzlers, because their associated banksters live of suburbia mc mansions real estate loans frauds and highways to nowhere, point together with the FEMA extermination camps and the now known stories, to mass extermination.

The way to look at this story would be going nationally to a 30 hours working week, to absorb unemployment, but it won’t happen, wall street wants blood as usual, three genocides in the US, two genocide exported by puppet regimes put in power by wall street, wall street and religion quackeries, point to mass extermination. Wall street nazi christo mafiosos won’t be happy until they kill eight million people as “they” did during the dust bowl, officially ‘to keep prices up’ but there is a doubt that the american christians of wall street are in reality, a satanic cult like the vatican.


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