Germany and Brazil Will Take NSA Spying Frustrations to the UN

Germany and Brazil Will Take NSA Spying Frustrations to the UN


“push a UN resolution aimed at restraining the U.S.’s international surveillance … The resolution wouldn’t actually be able to curb the NSA’s surveillance. Instead, it would call for an expansion of international privacy rights under the International Covenant Civil and Political Rights … including friendly, countries”

Looks like the foxes accusing the hen, maybe in behalf of their wall street churches mafia friends.


“We also knew that the agency made connections up to three relationships away from existing targets: if the NSA was watching you, they could also be watching your friends’ friends’ friends”

Has been quite noticeable lately, especially on a number of social networks spying friendly, a new set of capabilities, where even your local circus has access to your email, your working network provides free christian mafia indoctrination and threats and your social network provides evidence of association over completely separate accounts, IOW “there are minds” doing deep analysis on top of this skim, (I would not be surprised “all rigorously religion quackery related,) “and using it for the purpose of intimidation,” and since this did not happen “before” (up to a few years ago,) it can only be “responsibility” of the “new folks in the business,” in so “it is most likely not in the military-institutional side” (which has also been a target lately,) but must be on the wall street Christos Nazi Bolshevists religious mafia crooks “new world order” agenda (or conspiracy if you wish,) IOW the good christians NWO s*** bombs.

Now, an interesting study could be how much the justice systems of some STASI like countries (whereas we know for a fact that christo Marxist of all creeds like to hang around in the west,) actually spy on people, “and” maybe we should honestly assess if there is not “a plan” behind this hypocrite “moral” Christos Marxist justice monopoly, (which is the one protecting mafia banks of god, and world scale religion pedophiles,) maybe, as the counterfeiters, they don’t like competition either ?. “And” the “interesting” bigotrization of Marxisms (see Nazi Vatican that became now a christian-(nazi)-marxist religion, and Russia itself, now a “good ” country of believers,) could it not suggest something ?

Brazil and Germany, interesting combination, one the protected refuge of the former red brigades, the other the kingdom of the baader meinhof, both countries extremely christian, in so presumable important centers of the christian-(nazi)-marxism agenda of the wall street and vatican ‘architects,’ the “new world order” starts assuming some colored traits, and history starts explaining all by itself over which channels the “allies” operate with plausible denial assassinations of foreign leaders not welcome by the wall street 300 families of the christo-nazi-bolshevist-mafia lobbies, is it not interesting ?, god, god, god, yadda, yadda, yadda, capitalism, capitalism, capitalism, blah, blah, blah.

We may see the progress at the next soccer world cup, or was it at the Olympics ?.


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