Snowden Tells German He Is Willing to Testify Before Congress

Snowden Tells German He Is Willing to Testify Before Congress


“Hans-Christian Stroebele, member of the German Greens Party and the Bundestag, on Nov. 1 holds up a letter given to him by Edward Snowden during an Oct. 31 meeting in Moscow … He said first up he would prefer to lay the facts on the table in front of the U.S. Congress — in front of a committee of the U.S. Congress”

Interesting, maybe there may be some wall street interests on taking away espionage control and national security capacity from the military system ? It would go right along the number of sexy scandals of the latest year or so, s*** bombs anybody ?

At this point, everything is possible, this kid could be as well a wall street banksters patsy, to support a further agenda of erosion of US constitutional rights in their favor, I would not trust this guy too much if I was the Russians, unless the Russians themselves are puppets of the wall street rogue christian mafia banksters rackets, in such case it could be all a farce, then it would look like a ‘plan’ among US and Russia puppets of the same treasonous wall street conspiracy, same story of the second war, nazi-bolshevist christo-mafia wall street genocide architects and christo-mafia vatican genocide architects, hallelujah.


Snowden wants to help German probe, testify in US

Time may tell. As somebody said, “not all US allies are US friends,” AKA “some US allies are US enemies, “and” “some US enemies are US allies,” is not that interesting ? Maybe explains some interesting times, doesn’t it ? Even more worrisome, what about “the US is an enemy of US allies ?,” well, without doubt wall street and the Christians mafia, just as the Vatican, are in fact on the border line, or it may even be: “the US is an enemy of the US people ?,” food for thoughts.

In such light it would not sound too strange the same establishment in wall street money centers, the ‘new world order’ conspiracy, may make Snowden a US hero, just after they can figure a plausible denial way to rob the taxpayer with further wastes in the wall street lobby ‘contractors skim.’ Does not sound about right ? Maybe, not sure, but highly possible, should we watch for the CIA being sub-contracted to Halliburton one of those days ?. As Beelzebub said, “to think bad is a sin, but you are always right,” memento.


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