FAO, Hunger

Hunger Portal

(from fao.org)

“Food security is a complex condition. Its dimensions – availability, access, utilization and stability – are better understood when presented through a suite of indicators.”

Well, the two elephants in the room are peak population and peak resources. And the prime principle of both is the quackery of “monetary efficiency” of the other religion promoting jevons paradox behaviors, the economics-financial quackery of the counterfeiters, which in turn will make us extinct as a planet, as soon as we are done transforming all the resources created in millennia, into garbage.

The first issue to emerge may be the African middle eastern problem, however the behavior of the strong economies is more interested in predatory economics, versus an honest scientific solution of the issue. To better address the situation, it would be necessary that religions and monetary speculation in the west and in the east, would suffer a severe setback, which would leave as sole option a scientific technocratic solution based on energy value accounting.

But unfortunately, the religious swine and the political swine of Marxist socialisms, paired with the predatory usury of the vultures of financial divestitures, does not offer such option, and the only possible outcome appears to be the demise and invasion of Europe, to become soon third world, and a scenario out of the fall of the roman empire, with barbaric invasions 2.0 and maybe the emergence of some new cult of screwballs believers in fairy tales, to replace the current Christian-usury racket screwballs.

In this scenario, possibly the ones who have to fear the least are limitedly the north America (which is however at severe risk of becoming the next Europe in another three decades, due to the usual Christian rabbit-like reproducing idiocy of their bigotry mafia leadership quackeries, and the predation of the economic quackery usury vultures,) and most probably in the Russian federation, both because of massive military apparatus and wide nuclear strike capability, the second with a further advantage of less over-procreation due to religious bigotry and because the weakness of invasion of hordes of over-procreating idiots from the south, does not really need a direct confrontation, they can just let the people deal with general winter.

In the mean time, if such “population bomb” irresponsible societies would become more modern into further mercantile progress, the overpopulation would reduce automatically, but the hope at this stage is slim or none, unless of some planetary agreement over a military-biological direct intervention to fix faulty human brain wiring trough biological agents to decrease religious idiocy and fertility planet-wise, the increased relevance and power of corruption of religious idiocy and usury predatory rackets in the west, points to a more probable outcome towards a bankrupt western mercantile systems moving into the third world, and in so towards wars of resources, favorite solution of bloody mafioso banksters and genocide religions rackets.


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