Two Reports from John Kutsch – Washington DC and London England

Two Reports from John Kutsch – Washington DC and London England


“I let them know that the MSR Type reactor is the original Small Modular Reactor. I showed them some plans and a layout of what a Molten Salt (LFTR) Reactor would look like, specifically our proposed pre-commercial consortium facility that we are working to place at the University of Illinois.”

Either we get there first, and the US may be able to conquer the world market as it was with pre-war automobiles production, with a “really nice and usable product,” “green nuclear,” or we won’t make it over the middle of the century. So is “now” the time for an “accelerated path” to production of thorium MSR SMR, to supply the planet “first” and in so “end” all the nuclear traditional technologies, which being dual-use are incentives to runs on the bomb in the third world, and are “very visible” targets in large conflicts, which could very well lead us all to extinction, just like the dinosaurs.

We failed in the seventies, because of the resistance to alternative bridges out of oil, mainly because of the opposition of the neo-cons, and their puppet masters, the economic usury gigs of the christo-banksters wall street oil lobby, and this time is the last call to support survival of human civilization, in so is needed now a “civil” version of the Manhattan Project, to provide an alternate path to collective suicide.

“And” we have a window of about “five” years to do so, “and” is possible to get there if all the “monetary efficiency” efficient idiots, step aside. TINA, there is no alternative, or better, the alternative will be “planetary chaos” in less than two decades. Last call.


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