Killer GMO looking for shelter in Russia

Killer GMO looking for shelter in Russia


“But to do this, as Olga Rasbash explained in an interview with Pravda.Ru, more should be done than a simple ban on the use of GMOs in agriculture and food industry. “This would require an entire set of laws, first of all, technical regulations for organic agricultural products, the national quality standard of environmental friendly products, laws on organic farming, soil protection, a law on protection of genetic resources, and so on. In addition, the state control has to be tightened and new principles of expertise and product labeling should be introduced allowing differentiating the degree of harm and healthfulness for individuals. A possibility of social control based on the best international practices in the field of food security should be introduced,” the expert explained.”

Well, the issue should be treated “as it is,” AKA a strategic operation of sabotage and mass extermination, packed in “plausible denial,” usual wall street christo-mafia rackets propaganda.

The refusal of labeling, and the extensive corruption of politicians in the US to “avoid” labeling by the means of fraudulent legislation, confirms tacitly that a different agenda of the one stated is behind “seeds GMOs,” while OTOH GMO applications on animal species, which reproduce trough sex instead than trough pollination, should be less of a problem.

The interests of the main players in the “nicotinods” business explains a lot of the hypocrisy of the nations involved, OTOH these unscrupulous, unscientific and “eugenic plausible denial” choices, say a lot about the rigged nature of the ‘architects’ and “their plans.” As the old belzebu’ used to say, “to think bad is a sin, but you end up always being right.”

There is plenty of opposition to these politics in the US, however the corrupted US system that permits corporations to purchase at will and hold the governance hostage in their pockets, and the christian usury banksters mafia which runs wall street, practically can get things done for their profits advantages, regardless of what the US people may think or may want. Today’s US is “in the facts” a dictatorship of christian cults, banksters syndicates, and wall street business rackets.

Here the “strategic” issue is in the “dual use” nature of such technology. Any government in the planet who would become US-dependent in agriculture because of adoption of GMO (foreign) technology, would be prone to possible future indictments for “treason,” while the development of such technology nationally, could be still pointed to (because of the “dual use” nature,) as a source of possible future violations of human rights.

Unfortunately wall street has a known history of seeking monetary profits without looking at consequences, and ignoring collateral damage, since at the end, they privatize the profits and socialize the losses, and the public cow ends up paying for their skims. As it stands the issue is unresolved, however, for seeds, better and more modern technologies exist, such as perennial grains, which do not necessarily need the wall street extortion on genetic patents that are unethical and should be illegal in the first place.


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