Tea party wants to take America back — to the 18th century

Tea party wants to take America back — to the 18th century

(from latimes.com)

“cannot recall an occasion when a minority of elected representatives with such an absurdly partisan agenda was capable of stopping the government of the United States in its tracks. To be sure, stoppages have happened before, but not with a looming debt ceiling decision, which has threatened to throw the American economy back into recession, send the global financial markets into free fall and permanently damage America’s fiscal reputation. Such mindless political and economic devastation is unprecedented. … gerrymandered districts, which function as cocoons that resist penetration by alien ideas, like Keynesian economics, Darwinian evolution, global warming and yes, the potential popularity of Obamacare. They live in a parallel universe in which a rejection of any robust expression of government power is an unquestioned and unexamined article of faith … How far back in history do they want to take us? … Now, I believe these radicals want to go even further back in time. Though it wouldn’t be fair to pin a defense of slavery on them, they agree with the states’ rights agenda of the Confederacy and resist the right of the federal government to make domestic policy … Their core convictions are pre-Great Society, pre-New Deal, pre-Keynes, pre-Freud, pre-Darwin and pre-Constitution … they are running against the main currents of history. But along the way they are making all the rest of us pay a heavy price for their delusional agenda. And they really don’t care”

Well, guess they decided to shoot themselves (and the rest of the US with them,) in the feet with a winchester. The issue is over what is going to cost, and whether and how long the simpletons may remember this pure robbery and abuse, the many have already forgotten about the step back in history under the GW second term, but guess history repeats itself, right around 1929 the wall street filo-nazis even attempted a coup.

Guess christian moronity has no limits, the worrisome part is what is going to happen if they succeed, we could all end up dead in the camps of FEMA, like it happened when the christo bastards and their puppet hitler, good catholic boy, took over Germany with a similar bigot agenda of class hate of the tea partiers, maybe we may have the donner party 2.0, christians, 2000 years of inquisitions, ritual murders, holocausts, genocides, is good their fantasy friend in the skies ‘loves you,’ otherwise nobody knows how worse it could be.

And there is not too much to exclude plans of ‘slavery,’ in the facts, Standard Oil IG Farben profited over the holocaust and slave work. Slavery is part of the christian culture, they can keep lying about it as they lie on anything and anytime they open their loud mouths attached to chicken sized brains, but facts of history remain so.


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