There Is No Nobel Prize in Economics

There Is No Nobel Prize in Economics


“It’s Nobel Prize season again. News reports are coming out each day sharing the name of the illustrious winner of the various categories — Science, Literature, etc. But there’s one of the prizes that’s a little different. Well, that’s putting it lightly… you see, the Nobel Prize in Economics is not a real Nobel. It wasn’t created by Alfred Nobel. It’s not even called a “Nobel Prize,” no matter what the press reports say. … The award’s real name is the “Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.” It was not established by Nobel, but supposedly in memory of Nobel. It’s a ruse and a PR trick, and I mean that literally. And it was done completely against the wishes of the Nobel family”

Bankers, one of these day they may even open the church of usury, oh, never mind, they have that one already, at the Vatican, the church of saint Marcinkus, saint Calvi, saint Sindona and a long list of other crooks, with their co-conspirators in Washington DC:

The Fellowship (Christian organization)

Same cabal of those others here, at the best they should all get an “ignobel price” for their quackeries:

New World Order


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