Climate After Growth

Climate After Growth


“By making community resilience a top priority, environmentalists can offer an alternative to the “growth at all costs” story, one in which taking control of our basic needs locally has multiple benefits. Community resilience-building can create new enterprises and meaningful work, and increase well-being even as GDP inevitably falters. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, while addressing social and economic inequities. And it can strengthen the social cohesion necessary to withstand periods of crisis. … the community resilience movement can help create the conditions in which what is now “politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.””

Is it going to happen ? or maybe Standard Oil and successors have already plans to exterminate the people of the US, in their FEMA camps ? Looking at history, and Standard Oil IG Farben Auschwitz, the credibility of wall street and accomplices, is less than zero, but if less Christian mafia and banking skims holy wars rhetoric was there, maybe we could consider believing 10% of what wall street christo banking rackets state.


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