An unstable global economic system that is being ignored

An unstable global economic system that is being ignored


“The evidence of the global economy’s growth-stunting tendencies is abundant. For example, in my recent book The Age of Oversupply: Overcoming the Greatest Challenge to the Global Economy I refer to the “triple hoarding” of U.S. dollars in (i) the over $3.5 trillion held in foreign currency reserves; (ii) the nearly $2 trillion in excess domestic liquid assets held by nonfinancial U.S. corporations (together with perhaps another $3 trillion held in liquid form by U.S. business interests outside of the United States) and (iii) the trillions of dollars of uninvested household wealth, 75 percent of which is held by the top 10 percent of households. And I don’t blame any of the foregoing holders for not investing their money in new capacity (factories, equipment, offices, etc.) on a scale large enough to move the global needle. There is, after all, nothing very sensible for them to invest in, given the existing oversupply. Similar points can be raised with respect to the world’s secondary reserve currencies, the euro and the yen, but the numbers are of course far smaller.”

Zombies economics:

The Political Economy of Zombies

Where Marx ‘proletariat struggle’ meets the Christos ‘population bomb’ and reveals the true nature of such ‘religious filth,’ AKA mafia, (of which marxism is one of the churches,) ambition of genocide and prevarication of reason in the name of a dog god made at image of it’s followers, hallelujah.

Western monotheistic quackery is revealing it’s darkest secrets, in the way it walks the quackery talk, a predatory conspiracy started at the sumerian times, associating ‘capital’ with ‘usury’ for purpose of preservation of power, which evolves towards two forms, the ‘capitalistic’ monetary usury predatory society of ‘divestitures’ and the remedy for the divested society to conform to the theocratic-usuraic-genocide plan, the ‘anti religion’ of Marxism, two sub-products of the filthy religious monster with two faces of the same coin, ‘quackery’ and ‘predation.’

The symbolics are self-explanatory, the theater is the ‘measuring cup’ for idiocy, the non conformance to the two dogmas (the same dogma of the same ‘architects,’ actually,) reveals gnosis from which the two rackets that is one in the center of the evil, have to fight for, to preserve their invisible convenient gig of domination. In so Lenin is represented with demonic features, and the genocide popes are represented with holy features, for the purpose of saving the wall street and swiss banks accounts of the “cabal,” but ‘in reality’ under the table and on the banking books, “are one.”

And if this is not enough, the “cabal” has a “plan,” of genocide obviously, the treasonous christo banksters mafias are behind any genocide in history, he who counts the money makes the laws, just as he who counts the votes makes the election results, a fraud lasted five thousand years.

Back to “The Age of Oversupply” ‘eugenic’ ‘dogmatic’ ‘not negotiable’ ‘genocide,’ socialist marxist and religious mafias and banksters mafias, “sell” the religious quackery of “unlimited procreation” for the purpose of slavery, just as both sell the ‘Antichrist,’ in which ‘atheism,’ that is essentially another religion, is meant to maintain attention in the feeble minds for this time wasted useless dichotomy god vs no god, base of the whole fraud. An honest answer would probably be ‘irrelevant,’ nothing changes, if not in the retarded minds, if santa claus exists or not, the existence or not of santa claus is ‘irrelevant for any purpose,’ if not “defrauding the audience,” lowering the audience intellectual level, brainwash them in idiocies to enslave them, waste their time in discussing more idiocies, make them weak in order to make them vulnerable to the domination of the “caste” of the “architects” of predation and genocide.

Back to “The Age of Oversupply” proof number one of the “prime principles” behind oversupply of humans, starts with the “two” religious quackeries, “unlimited procreation” of the filthy christo mafia genocides dogma and other religious quackery, and the “mother heroes” of the filthy marxist religion genocides and other atheist socialist quackery, don’t fail to notice that “they are one,” because they “both” work towards the same purpose, and “facts have one common head,” a filthy one indeed, “unlimited growth in a closed system” is scientifically unattainable, “quackery.” Result of those quackeries, “overpopulation,” aka “oversupply” of humans.

Back to “The Age of Oversupply” proof number two of the “prime principles” behind oversupply of useless items people want but don’t need nor can afford, that one starts with the third quackery, over which most of ‘modern’ (it is humor,) economic systems work, another dogma, more or less at the level of the old man in the skies that forgives sins, the “invisible hand” that produces something out of nothing, “but” since such an obvious moronity could not stand on it’s own for lack of hard scientific evidence, the economic religion fixes it’s computations with some other fantasy thinking, such as ‘subjectivity of value,’ arbitrariness or correlation induced ‘flexibility or lack thereof of demand and offer,’ and last but not least, picking as convenient the elements in the equations to reach the intended results (or the opposite, with this not scientific method, economists can pretty much prove both possibilities in an alternative, they can even prove that thermodynamics is wrong and right at the same time, but conveniently forget to remember from logic that multiple possibilities imply erroneous premises,) resulting in “oversupply of the useless” and “under-supply of the useful,” problem the monetary efficiency quackery can not eliminate. Result, “economics is a religion” since it is unable to meet “needs,” while at the same time is always oversupplying the useless, converting resources into garbage at the highest rate in history, this also explains why many economists deny EROEI, some schools even deny physics and mathematics, bummer.

Back to “The Age of Oversupply” proof number three of the “prime principles” or “root causes” behind oversupply (in our case of the useless,) the “monetary efficiency” quackery of political economics, another byproduct of collusion among the churches of usury, religions, and the churches of predation, economics and banking. Monetary efficiency fails outside of a very narrow range of exchanges, and particularly, “fails to predict” when those limits may be reached, “and” fails to stabilize the system, being an intrinsic dogma of economics, the non avoid-ability of positive and negative accelerators in a monetary system, and being accepted the Jevons paradox consequence. This “proved fact” is sufficient to define monetary economics as a “failed by design” “positive feedback system” which “increases” destabilization instead than reducing it. Result, “monetary efficiency” is not efficient, it is disruptive, it violates any thermodynamics laws, it produces overpopulation of resources it is neither capable nor competent to remedy to, and is “scientifically driving” in longer periods, civilizations and markets to inevitable collapse, “in so” we can state that “economics is the dogma to subvert markets,” willingly or unwillingly makes very little difference, the third “religion” of genocide, predation, destruction, “faulty by design.”

From here, the picture is already clear, and there is no further reason to go to down to number four, five and six, into the vultures of the pyramids of maximum incompetence of various establishments, bureaucracies, sources of laws and more or less rigged legal systems, et cetera.

In so, back to “An unstable global economic system that is being ignored” quite obvious, considering it would not be part of “the plan” of the usual banking, economic, religious usurious domination conspiracy, has been so for five thousand years, and maybe there is some genetic or brain damage component in this “alpha species” of eugenic, racist, homophobic, blood thirsty, holy predatory thieves and assassins, who knows, the evidence, Standard Oil IG Farben Auschwitz, should suggest so.


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