The fabled Packard factory in Detroit — it could be yours for $21,500

The fabled Packard factory in Detroit — it could be yours for $21,500


“It’s the factory on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit, where some of the most famous luxury cars of the 1930s and 1940s were built. You see them at the big-deal concours d’elegance all over the world, such as Pebble Beach and Amelia Island”

Well, one of the ‘results’ of the failed “monetary efficiency” doctrine at the base of the whole design process, the sub-culture of the official corrupted education and production methods dogma of the various Carnegie and Rockefeller reforms, “conveniently forgot” to train people to design for life cycle “cost of operation,” “long life cycle,” “retrofit,” “reutilization,” and “disposal,” but they pontificate to the world to be the masters of project management, in their dreams, they are not the ones paying for the damages they make to environment and communities, when they move out, behind their logic, just a long line of unlivable places.

This is the picture that speaks by itself of “monetary efficiency.” A quackery, a convenient dogma invented by the crooks to fill their pockets, a religion of disgrace for humanity, that can only leave behind a mont klamott, whose only “efficiency” is to convert human resources into garbage at the highest rate in human history, a doctrine for “efficient idiots,” clowns.


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