Why School ‘Reform’ Fails, Student motivation is the problem.

Why School ‘Reform’ Fails, Student motivation is the problem.

(from newsweek.com)

“proposals demonstrated, according to Duncan, “a bold commitment to education reform” and “creativity and innovation [that is] breathtaking.” What they really show is that few subjects inspire more intellectual dishonesty and political puffery than “school reform.” … “Reforms” have disappointed for two reasons. First, no one has yet discovered transformative changes in curriculum or pedagogy, especially for inner-city schools, that are (in business lingo) “scalable” … The larger cause of failure is almost unmentionable: shrunken student motivation. Students, after all, have to do the work. If the students aren’t motivated, even capable teachers may fail. Motivation comes from many sources: curiosity and ambition; parental expectations; the desire to get into a “good” college; inspiring or intimidating teachers; peer pressure. … Motivation has weakened because more students (of all races and economic classes, let it be added) don’t like school, don’t work hard, and don’t do well. … school-“reform” rhetoric is blissfully evasive”

Well, well, well, I would start earlier, then we may understand what is wrong in the whole picture:

1) Lack of standardization, everybody does as he/she is pleased, there are no “basic” rules enforced, whereas if you don’t have a “printed,” “published,” program matching one to one the expectations for the day/class and the tentative results, you don’t get to start the class, period, but here we know that the education system in it’s grandness, is infallible as the pope, and in it’s “superior” merit, is not capable to acknowledge any criticism.

Realistically, if you take off from san francisco to go to auckland, you have the whole flight planned, in advance, otherwise there is no guarantee you may get there, so if the school system does not get there, here you have one of the reasons. The first problem is lack of “one” standardized “method,” teachers discretionary choice ends into producing a zoo.

2) “Scalability” in terms of carrying over to the parsonage design of the school system, supply chain management and operations management logic, besides more mundane engineering design, should refer to “interoperability” among courses levels and schedules, so that the courses (years) do not refer to every single class, but to “each.” In so you may produce a non-standardized output “but” you can identify clear patterns for further integrative studies and/or for possible future directions of studies. Obviously this would require synchronism of scheduling across the K-12 system, whereas 10th grade math takes place in the same building and hours than 11th grade math, and capacity planning, whereas you may have two 10th grade math running at the same time of one 12th grade and no 11th grade classes, in a quarter.

Now, you could also synchronize timing, to end with the same result, but to do so you would have to impose rules which are normal in military schools and academies, but your usual PTA politics would find a bit out there, in so the K-12 school system may have to live with some sets of reasonably achievable outputs based on the dogma in its premises.

3) “Motivation” or lack thereof, is the traditional quackery word that saves everybody, especially the sons of the white swan in justice and education, but the effort of being motivating should be a burden on the architects of the school system, not as much of the victims. You can not expect the prisoners of the parsonage education meant to build submissive sheeples for feeding the corrupted Chaplin modern times failed paternalistic management model of the Carnegie and the Rockefeller, trough unwarranted expectations of “superiority” not proved by the facts, to be “motivated” into accepting the subliminal violence built into the parsonage doctrinaire method.

Unfortunately, or fortunately to the advantage of the plan of the ‘superior’ architects, family influence counts zero, now that the same caste who redesigned the corrupted education, has brainwashed with corrupted subliminal advertising those kiddos to expect something for nothing, for it’s unspoken crusade of profits seeking in forgiving and redeeming sinners at the expenses of the taxpayer. The facts are that video-games models and television models are pretty lame into presenting these kids with a “one dimension” society of cops and criminals, of preachers and sinners, of super models and sports/movies stars, with no mention to anything with the brain level over the 7th grade in their advertising.

With such media and peer pressure, basically parents are left alone to deal with the little criminals, the corrupted television, the interests of the forgiver of sinners for compensation, and the connivance of the “superior” eugenic society have produced, and maybe also take the blame from the part of the “castes” of sons of the white swan which part of the “superior” species eugenic system, spew judgment on people their curriculum would at the best entitle them to clean the shoes of, but their system racism considers “inferior,” based on the usual NBH quackeries, hallelujah.

4) School “reform” rhetoric is not blissfully evasive, as long as we put aside the convenience of the ‘conflict of interests’ of the little privileges and unwarranted expectations of too many actors, in their political and dogmatic agenda gigs, or their parsonage and lobby interests, and stick to the concept of finding ‘technical solutions’ for helping those kids into looking at serious education, unfortunately the credibility and the behavior of too many actors in the system, giant egos brainwashed themselves by obsolete paternalistic management, parsonage goodwill, and eugenic quackeries, is an obstacle that must be removed if we may want to stop destroying the future of entire generations.


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