Microsoft investors push for chairman Gates to step down

Microsoft investors push for chairman Gates to step down


“In August, Ballmer said he would retire within 12 months, amid pressure from activist fund manager ValueAct Capital Management. … “This is long overdue,” said Todd Lowenstein, a portfolio manager at HighMark Capital Management … Shares of Microsoft have been essentially static for a decade, and the company has lost ground to Apple Inc and Google Inc in the move toward mobile computing.”

Well, in the long range Apple is dead, because the successful Apple has only been nothing but Steve Jobs, and when he left to make the banksters happy, they almost sunk, MS today needs more vision than marketing, looking at MS history, they have been better off with Gates than without.

There are several avenues to explore, such as the brilliant solution of the original OSX, based on an open software foundation, which today could take advantage as well of added value interfaces for open bare metal hyper-visors technology and increased parallelism of MP clusters, opening a new world of possibilities, from the “small business server,” and the “family server,” with easy off-the-box multi-level security, to easier, cheap, upgradeable full size thin clients, to tablet-smart-phone “modular, upgradeable,” clients, now that nokia and skype are part of MS, realistically the tablet-smart-phone arena is at this moment a very lousy product, there is a lot of room for improvement, todays tablets and smart phones are pretty much useless for any serious work, and thin clients are pretty much a waste of money because not modular, not upgradeable, it does not take von braun to design a thin client with a bunch of cartridge slots to upgrade every component, give a reasonable ROI to commercial corporate and government buyers, in lieu of unsafe PCs, something like a business XBOX.

IMVHO the server OSs are OK, especially core, nice product, but they need a shift of compatibility towards win 2000 for the purpose of running universally into bare metal hyper-visors, maybe also less strings like the updates nightmare, registration drama, TCPIP is a disaster, may want to rewrite the whole stack from scratch, the regular OSs are over-bloated, office, outlook, explorer, are pure garbage for our days, maybe in cloud they may still squeeze some life out of them.


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