Forging ahead with free trade

Forging ahead with free trade


“A top priority of the WTO ministerial, which will bring together ministers from the group’s 159 members, should be moving forward with the WTO’s trade facilitation agreement. This would harmonize hundreds of administrative procedures and standards that dictate how goods cross borders or are handled in customs. It would reduce the red tape that can divert precious resources, slow supply chains and increase the cost of goods by an estimated 5 percent to 15 percent.”

There is no doubt a step towards free trade is necessary, to offset the costs of the current world markets depression, to the benefit of all, “but” also a significant talk on “strategic” directions towards increasing net energy output, decreasing births, and forcing some ethics in the market system (affected by predatory derivative scandals, fraudulent electronic trading, genocidal GMOs politics, unsafe pressurized nuclear technology, unhealthy interference of the usury masters of the banksters cartels and the extortion tax free rackets of multinational religions, and last but not least, planned obsolescence, patents trolling, and use of DRM laws for espionage, extortion and manipulation of equally allies and enemies the same,) is indispensable to obtain results, because not all the planet (except religious and banking crooks,) may appreciate the US predatory and colonial approach to the world economy.

Some of the neocons christo nazi taleban rhetoric, has to step back towards the more traditional and moderate social-liberalism/libertarianism for the higher good of the whole planet, and the US the same, because we are on a path that can only lead to very high social tensions, if not the breakdown of the whole union (nothing to laugh, the possibility has been considered seriously by a number of world geo-economics and geopolitics analysts, which have warned about civil war possibilities in the CONUS.)


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