Japan’s Nuclear Migraine: A Never-Ending Disaster at Fukushima

Japan’s Nuclear Migraine: A Never-Ending Disaster at Fukushima

(from spiegel.de)

“This week, the chief nuclear officers of around 100 American nuclear power plant reactors are taking a field trip. They are travelling to Japan and then taking a bus to Fukushima. There, dressed in protective suits, they will walk through the ruins left behind by the earthquake of the century, the tsunami of the century and the resulting triple nuclear reactor meltdown that occurred in March 2011. “I can assure you when they get back from this trip, all of these chief nuclear officers will double their safety precautions,” says Dale Klein, who has made the same trip and describes it as ‘very sobering.'”

Well, what we have learned from almost a century of nuclear applications, is that private companies will cut corners for profit, governments will chose faulty designs to support military ambitions, politicians will chose wrong sites for development and close both eyes to get votes in their districts, media will tell only the part of the story their patrons want to hear, and the people will repeat as parrots what they hear from their corrupted media and religious propaganda.

There is an humbilical cord that associates petroleum and religions, and this partly explains some of the dissent to nuclear technology. There is another humbilical cord, that associates military applications requirements, and banksters and industry profits, and this partly explains the connivence between unsafe design for profit/fraud, and unreasonable design for politics. In addition, there is a third group of the ‘green’ who have been led to think by quackery, that nuclear is unsafe and not green, even if yes, the nuclear ‘as built by the industry’ under their profits and politicians/military specifications, is a disaster for the environment.

Now OTOH, thorium could provide enough energy for one thousand years, on molten salts reactors would be pretty much impossible to have a meltdown, just plain gravity safety design, could even make safe unsafe pressurized designs, “and” molten salts could run for a century, using for fuel a lot of the materials now unusable and stored at unresonable costs. “But” it could probably not be used to produce weapons, it could probably not be built in the election district of whoever, it could not maximize the profits of the big dogs, which out of admortized technology have all the interest to keep selling the same pressurized faulty designs, et cetera, allelujah.


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