West could hit Syria in days, envoys tell rebels

West could hit Syria in days, envoys tell rebels

(from reuters.com)

“But while U.N. evidence of chemical warfare could bolster a Western argument for intervention in the face of likely Russian and Chinese opposition at the United Nations, Western leaders – and the Arab League – have already declared Assad guilty. Ahmad Jarba, president of the rebel Syrian National Coalition, met envoys from 11 countries, including Robert Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Syria, at an Istanbul hotel. The rebel leaders proposed targets for cruise missiles and bombing.”

Well, the optimal solution could be getting a bigger involvement and consent of Russia in the whole picture. Unfortunately the current Russian administration does not seem sensitive enough to be of any help in putting a stop to this carnage. At the end, the Assad regime may end, and a more open position of Russia over the matter could have been helpful.

This is mainly an issue of self determination, if the two sides of the country can not reach an agreement, splitting Syria in two countries with a wall in the middle is preferable than another twenty years of civil war.


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