Steve Ballmer ends run as Microsoft’s relentless salesman

Steve Ballmer ends run as Microsoft’s relentless salesman


“last month, Ballmer launched a massive reorganization of Microsoft in an attempt to transform it into a ‘devices and services’ company, but it left most shareholders unimpressed … Jobs is quoted as saying in his biography. ‘The quality of the product becomes less important. The company starts valuing the great salesmen.'”

Well, wall street 7% up at the announcement, may be overly enthusiastic, however “who knows exactly,” what is their “plan.” The world is starting realizing that most the IT industry is heavily involved in espionage at the service of the “new world order” christo-banksters rackets of holy wars of predation, and the credit of the “old IT industry,” (the mainframe world, which somehow had a much higher honesty and reputation,) is fading rapidly while the “cloud” of under-protected junk PCs and PC servers, besides vulnerable tablets, seems to be the new “trick” of the corrupted industry, to get hold for espionage purpose, not only of your communication data, but “of your whole life.”

In this, given that Microsoft with NETBIOS and DOS/WINDOWS, opened the way in the nineties to the largest leak of information in the history of IT, and given that the credibility of the bankster industry and the religions of crooks on top them, at the wall street level, most likely “willingly permitted” this skim as a “plan” of plausible denial to predate their allies, (this is the same racket of criminal financial operators that defrauded the planet of 30 years of “planetary” gross product in garbage derivatives, keep in mind,) proves clearly that the “systematic corruption” of information and data security, was surely originated by some sort of treason plan originated in the area of the christo usury wall street cabal rackets.

But with all that, they seem to still be able to stay in business. Who knows, maybe corruption in appropriation, or the same “new world order agenda” of the usual genocide architects in wall street may have something to do with it ? Maybe some more “spying” exclusive features that Snowden did not talked about (yet maybe ?, supposed he knows about them ?) Who knows, public appropriation likes Windows “too much” not to be “suspicious,” like Belzebu’ said, “to think bad is a sin, but you are always right,” I remember a case where the cashier wanted to work seven days a week, and was actually covering up a very strange situation. Apparently all the cow money of government expenditures is directed their way (sounds a bit strange, given that those are the most insecure OSs on the market, doesn’t it ?)

The real question is how long it may take until nobody may believe them any longer ? And “is anybody doing anything about it ?” (don’t worry, the answer is no, some companies are so much in the pockets of the treasonous wall street, see monsanto, that you may assume there is no hope.)

However when and if the entire IT of the planet will start dumping the “spying hardware and software” of such plan, the shift in the market will affect the future of both MS and Apple, in similar shoes, out of the two surely Apple could be less vulnerable because based on stronger BSD code, if just they would drop their prices at PCs levels, and update their 600 vulnerabilities, (of which they care less about, is it not suspicious as well ?,) however their choice of using the corrupted (see TPM, VPRO and other spying hardware,) intel compatible line of processors, doomed all their effort of security advantage, in the long range, foreign nations may give up both intel/arm compatibility and all companies that rely on it, at once, but MS could probably do better than today, if it was running on a Unix based bare metal hyper-visor, or inside an IBM mainframe VM, if it would drop explorer (the worse browser in the universe,) outlook and office all together, and if it would stop playing with “non standard” “broken on purpose” TCPIP (this makes you not wander what is this broken packets windows 7 agenda about ?, have not checked 8, but bet is the same thing.)

Who knows, maybe Windows 11 may run on Solaris, RedHat or ZOS bare metal hyper-visors ;-), if MS ends up in sufficient financial bad shape, that would be the best thing happened to the human species since the day MS opened, Apple is probably dead in the long run.


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