The EU in 2013: Financially bankrupt, they will politically become a dictatorship

The EU in 2013: Financially bankrupt, they will politically become a dictatorship

(from source Karl Müller)

“the EU, respectively the present power elites in the EU states, do not rely on freedom and reason but on lies and coercion, since they know very well that the free thinking man will see through their evil game. One tells the lie about indispensable “harmonisation”, “rationalisation” and “centralisation” within the EU – all this allegedly indispensable in the globalized world of the 21st century in which sovereign nation states with the variety of their autonomous ways were allegedly not only outdated but actually impeding the solution of human problems? To that effect were the words that Manuel Barroso, President of the EU Commission, spoke in Dublin on the 10th of January of this year. And the citizens are compelled to relinquish: to relinquish public services appropriate to human dignity by the drying out of public finances in the municipal authorities; to relinquish a fair wage and share in the created value by the ideology of the alleged “competition of locations” (cf. Current Concerns, No. 1/2 of 14 January 2013); to relinquish freedom appropriate to human dignity, to relinquish law and democracy via the EU which is usurping more and more competences and which even according to the German Federal Constitutional Court quite obviously has a “democratic deficit.””

There is no solution, with a population of four times the US, and barely an economy of a quarter, with a lack of a common sense demographic policy, demographic explosion, and an invasion from the middle east and the south, with a class of banco mafia “meritable” parasites milking with al capone racket style people rights, with the blessing of “meritable” academia scumbags at the service of the same christo-mafia, the long term destiny of Europe is marked, unless the class of parasites in the pockets of the religious and banking usury rackets are “physically” wiped out by revolutions, on the style of the chinese “cultural revolution,’ to remove surgically the “meritable” parasites.

However, the strength of control of the christo-usury-mafia cabal over the destiny of the community, won’t most likely permit so, consequentially there is a very high possibility of a further centralized Europe becoming a christo-marxist mafia dictatorship by 2020. And in this scenario, possibly the “civilized” countries of northern Europe (the ones not ran by the puppets of the religious mafias,) may probably pull out before 2017, while the lazy assess corrupted GIPSIC and similar, will most likely follow the christo-marxist line of the filthy bastards of the churches, to protect their baronial unwarranted extortion privileges, and go further toward the east, which is also increasingly bastardizing itself with religion as we speak, all together they’ll make a nice empire of bigots Marxist incompetent corrupted leaches, the future of Europe is somehow of a holy Russia before the Perestroika, a planned economy due to collapse anytime after, let’s say, 2025 more or less.


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