7 things you can’t talk about in China

7 things you can’t talk about in China

(from globalpost.com source Benjamin Carlson)

“the report urges cadres to stop universities and media organizations from talking about a wide range of political ideas … universal common values … freedom of speech … “civil society,” meaning community groups and non-governmental organizations? … individual rights are a taboo subject … the CCP has tried to enforce selective historical amnesia, teaching students about the suffering of China under Western colonial powers in the 19th century … would prefer that talk of corruption stay out of the spotlight … judicial independence has become an important issue for many professors and intellectuals”

Well, all world seems to have the same problems, but the fact that universal common values and freedom of speech are targeted, along with talk of corruption and judicial independence, is a symptom that is not really the free speech what they are afraid of, but of the “credibility” of the apparatus of the bolshevist religion, (not any less criminal and genocide than most of the other religions garbage,) and the fact that socialisms (clerical ones included,) are known to be by far the most corrupted social systems ever devised.

If that was not the case, they would just act the same way as the hypocrite western systems, which persecute with a social “mark” their victims, the ones dissenting to the criminal and mafioso cristian usury racketeers predatory society, and the predation banking racket, the syndicate of wall street 300 “families,” which uses religious filth for the purpose of extortive manipulation of the western culture, and predation, divestiture and enslavement of it’s population.

On the side of “individual rights” certainly there is a gray zone, while they can effectively contrast the religious mafia “population bombs,” terrorism with plausible denial trough demographics explosions, and this control of births is probably the main driver of the economic success of the country, can be guessed that the intelligentsia of the country protects itself with a policed legal system instead than with a corrupted one like in the west.

Historical revision is exactly the same everywhere, there is not too much on american scholars books regarding the american indian genocide, the negros slaves genocide, the wall street support to the bolshevists revolution and genocide in russia of the 17, the american citizens famine genocide during the dust bowl, the wall street support to hitler regime holocaust, the american support to the rat lines to help all wanted nazis war criminals to freedom, “education” is always corrupted for convenience anywhere, regardless of systems.

Finally, the “civil society,” well, those ONG are in a good part, either religious terrorist organizations, with subversive plans to carry on their theocratic agendas, in the case of china also trying to sabotage their procreation laws with religious quackery, or in another good percentage, front covers for foreign espionage agendas, so let’s say it may be wrong for about 30% of the cases, the ones that don’t have a religious sabotage agenda, and are not covers for foreign services, should be permitted to help the people, but I guess that the bolshevist church is as paranoid as the religions of the west in that sense.


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