What is the Crash Generation?

What is the Crash Generation?

(from nextnewdeal.net source Nona Willis Aronowitz:)

“But too often, this indignation often has nowhere to go, and is enveloped in our frenetic lives of multiple jobs, demoralizing underemployment, or joblessness—the constant physical and emotional stress of keeping our heads above water. Years later, the status quo has not budged. We haven’t done much to shrink the income gap or encourage upward mobility. We haven’t gotten our leaders to address anemic state budgets, deregulation, unions’ decline, freelancers’ precarity, shrinking wages, student debt, or the insane cost of living in major cities. All those economic pressures have primed this era for an economic shift. Yet those same pressures limit our freedom to protest or push for policy changes. In other words, we’re pissed—but we’re paralyzed by the very forces we’re pissed about.”

Well, most of American are probably as pissed, unless on the payroll of the christo-mafio-banking racket, and their puppets prophets of scumbag religions rackets or retail usury rackets, with time the situation is not going to be any better. The corrupted education of the western world, a puppet of the interests of christos mafias and nazi banksters, has been designed to brainwash people into servitude of consumers and employees, it is the whole culture, which is out of place, the first step for an economic shift is de-programming and re-educating ourselves (even at older ages,) in order to set aside the quackeries sold us for good by rackets with no scientific base such as religions, economics and the whole “moral” “tradition” fraud.

Once the fallacies of consumerism, American dream (bulls,) and unsustainable wants, are set aside to start selecting from “rational needs,” the picture becomes completely different, “however” still the christo-mafio-racket has the monopoly of offer due to their imposed by marketing design, and “here” is the “opportunity” of creating a “new” market from below, that “fits the needs” for the parts of society which do not have any further interests in the establishment faulty design, meant to fit their skims and rackets.

Ideas ? Many. Starting with cooperatives and/or non profits, can be made as wished for practically anything. The cooperative of fractional cars, can provide mini electric cars by the hour, so you don’t need a loan or a lease, the housing cooperative, same, can provide small furnished one room studios within redesigned and restructured lousy current housing cardboard crap, or abandoned out of business motels, for a daily fee, no mortgages, no leases, no moving, no furnitures, the farming cooperative can provide space for a minimum fee for garden lots, and retail farmer market and trading space, and with time, the “alternative” utilities cooperatives could provide electricity, free internet, water, and suer/garbage recycling to a “local” small community, a subset of that suburbia that soon the bankrupt cities and counties won’t be able to serve any longer, and where the gas guzzlers of the “superior design” of the wall street imbeciles, will be good chicken coupes, since with no gas, make only good boat anchors for aircraft carriers, and there are not enough carriers to do anything with them.

Then, working professional cooperatives, for any service, shared space, booked calendar, “virtual continuity of presence,” but fractional overloading of the commercial location, to stuff as many possible slots, at the smallest possible surface and time, to do business, and even financial local organizations specialized in trade based on intrinsic value means, to avoid using currency and other banking frauds services, and commercial leasing, all on land and structures free and clear, owned by members. Obviously, operating with hardly no overhead, the advantages over the “too big to fail,” rackets of parasites, become evident, even if again it requires the “maturity” and the “mental adjustment” to suppress the brainwashing of the dogma of the wall street holy genocide puckes nazimobsters, amen.

It is a matter of “survival” for your generations, you have better have your own currency, gallons of gas, cans of tunafish, weapons buried underground, whatever it takes, all of the above, and “no debt towards the genocide christo wall street mafia sharks,” no personal debt, “cut out the parasite system,” be self-sufficient “locally,” this is the last call before the sinking of the bancomafio christoracket of the western-tanic scumbags.

We all, but you young people specifically, will have to give up gas transport, since otherwise your “not negotiable” nazi christomobsters and christo mafio bancoracket “not negotiable” assholes, will use your lunch too, to make fuel to feed the madness of their gig of cardboard mcmansions fucktards suburbia, their fuckbrain gas guzzlers industry, their highways to nowhere and shop till you drop racket, and the usury leaching fraud of the christo genocide bastards usury nazi banksters on top of it, which with treason, hijacked the control of money to make all of you, and all of us slaves.


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