Scientific Feud: Does Global Warming Make Us More Violent?

Scientific Feud: Does Global Warming Make Us More Violent?


“A flood of studies on the subject has failed to provide much clarity. Some researchers see climate change as a danger to peace, some don’t. Still others believe that global warming could even reduce the risk of war.”

I agree with the ones that indicate that global warming catastrophes will help reduction of wars, if climate change or an incontrollable pestilence can kill three billion people, in a reasonable time span, there won’t be a need for a predictable otherwise world war within the next twenty years. Maybe a favorable climate change catastrophe, can be “helped” with the right means.

The root causes of the violence are in procreation idiocy, the cults of death of dogmas of “unlimited idiotic reproduction,” and the faulty predatory economics of the banking mafiosos of currency and usury, “monetary efficiency” is not efficient, if it was it would cause “negative feedback” instead than turbulent positive feedback cycles of violence and predation.

Carbon quotes are another skim in the pockets of the banking mafia, the only remedy could be the adoption of an energy intrinsic value based unit of accounting to replace all world currencies, and the elimination of usury and juridical persona.


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