Effort to get NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s father to Moscow collapses

Effort to get NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s father to Moscow collapses

(from washingtonpost.com source Jerry Markon:)

“He said that Edward, who is holed up at an airport in Moscow, grew up in a patriotic family in suburban Maryland, filled with federal agents and police officers, and that he ‘loves this nation.’ … Asked what triggered his son’s decision to leak top-secret intelligence documents, Snowden, a retired Coast Guard officer, said he didn’t know. “

Well, I understand that being young he can learn Russian, become citizen, get a piece of farmland assigned, somewhere in a bucolic remote area, maybe find a friendly farmer girl, surround himself of domestic animals, and enjoy normality in a world that with the lowest population density and highest energy resources pro capita on the planet, may not be the absolute best for civil liberties, but is surely a god place to be trough a collapse of civilization, which given his age, he may witness in his lifetime.

I’m afraid the young man best interest now, would be listening to the old dogs of the trade, and maybe take advantage of the farmers program there, practicing silence, and waiting for the evolution of the planet to clarify all the doubts, and most of all, like many advised him, stay away from the Internet.


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