Edward Snowden’s not the story. The fate of the internet is

Edward Snowden’s not the story. The fate of the internet is

(from guardian.co.uk source John Naughton:)

“without Snowden, we would not be debating whether the US government should have turned surveillance into a huge, privatised business, offering data-mining contracts to private contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton and, in the process, high-level security clearance to thousands of people who shouldn’t have it. Nor would there be – finally – a serious debate between Europe (excluding the UK, which in these matters is just an overseas franchise of the US) and the United States about where the proper balance between freedom and security lies … abusing their privileged position in the global infrastructure, the idea that the western powers can be allowed to continue to control it has become untenable … days of the internet as a truly global network are numbered. It was always a possibility that the system would eventually be Balkanised, ie divided into a number of geographical or jurisdiction-determined subnets as societies such as China, Russia, Iran and other Islamic states decided that they needed to control how their citizens communicated. Now, Balkanisation is a certainty … If businesses or governments think they might be spied on,” she said, “they will have less reason to trust the cloud, and it will be cloud providers who ultimately miss out. Why would you pay someone else to hold your commercial or other secrets, if you suspect or know they are being shared against your wishes? Front or back door – it doesn’t matter – any smart person doesn’t want the information shared at all. Customers will act rationally and providers will miss out on a great opportunity”

Well, the leak of national security into general private venture, AKA financial mobs, clerical sewage, political corruption lobby-ism, wall street predatory syndacate contractors, is the most worrisome of the issues, except that also “the internet is a conglomerate of private ventures,” intrinsically “unclassified.” Here the logic could be, if there is any willingness to start overhauling the leak, as simple as “whatever entity does not have an office of military control” which should be under a military chain, should simply not be entitled to do this (and many other,) sorts of work, in order to be “credible” to partners who would not want some type of analysis passed to predatory banksters, conflict of interest enterprise, and cults of various criminal racketeering agendas.

Now if “intellectual honesty” instead than conflict of interest would have prevailed in the first place, security labeled information, could have been running on obscure hardware with obscure software and obscure symmetric algorithms to which the “non military supervised” industry has “absolute no access,” (the laws exist, munition lists,) “however” in pushing (legitimate) deployment of COTS, (and let’s not make any rackets names here,) in non legitimate functions, and legitimate use of contractors in functions “manifestly illegal” (such as national security clearances granting from wall street christobananas vendors,) with all the above (stretching interpretation to please politics conflict of interest,) now we are compromising the whole system, because of “political” choices, driven mainly by lobbies religiously and profit obsessed, and the more the politics are in the pockets of the corporations and the lobbies, if not the churches, allelujah, and the more we keep persevering in doing so, and the more the national/interalliance/world interest goes out the window.

Again, “the internet is inherently unclassified and unclassifiable,” the internet is like the street outside, can you leave there your industrial secrets ? the same is for everybody on the internet, now if we are talking about stories of the age of the dinosaurs, it is irrelevant, but once somebody with “good intentions,” (godly political castes cabals always have good intentions, the ones that pave the road to hell,) declares that he is entitled (IOW legally,) to perform something generically conceived or perceived illegal by common sense, it becomes self evident that all the action can sort is escalating the practice, and make it universal, damaging the potential of the technology, IOW shooting everybody in the foot with a “godly” MG.

The days of the internet as a truly global network IMVHO are not numbered, because it is self evident that the mesh of connections over which network protocols work, the (often automatic,) balancing of alternate paths, the “private” ownership of most of equipment in the nodes, make the possibly orwellian agenda of giving somebody a “switch” to flip his country or continent off, so far not very practical, that is the “strong” point of internet, meeting the purpose it was designed for, slow degradation in “a global catastrophe,” making internet weaker or more regulated to give Cameron a porn switch or the NSA tzar a “protect our dumbness” plug and pray technology switch, ain’t going to help anybody.

There is a way around “almost” anything in life, “almost” is the detail that makes the devil, and the only thing over-regulation and orwellian attitude is going to help to achieve, is killing the already half dead economic dog, IOW, the intercept is fine as it is, anyhow in six months the whole word is going to be doing the same thing, if is not already, are the 500,000 non-federal employees civilians that have to go, substituted by military, and not the born tomorrow sergeant like the one that passed Assange half the war data, just it is needed to require a minimum limit of service years and responsibility level, such as commissioned folks only, let’s say six years of active duty, how can you give such a level clearance to somebody “you don’t know” that worked for you two years ? kids ? I love kids, they are funny, but for some things they get too excited and too emotional, easy to manipulate, big dreamers, this is as usual a further HR failure, which leads to another question, over which I have been thinking for decades, if HRs are in fact useful for anything besides promoting their self-referential giant egos, let the surgeons chose the surgeons, what do MBA know of surgery ?, but that is another story. Then there is the requirement over “specifications for procurement” for hardware and software which for those agencies, should move to “limited distribution,” munition lists, exclusion of all COTS or COTS derived, control numbers, back to the old times, in decades I never lost a single piece of an honeywell, how many people you know who run a honeywell mainframe at home ? can you read those media at home ? try that with your windoze crap.

Then, the cloud issues are known, “intellectually honest” companies as oracle, have themselves pointed to those problems, “but” the “outside” cloud is one thing, while “internal,” “compartmentalized,” internet safe use of the technology trough virtualization represents a cost saving solution, when compared to mainframes that have pretty much done the same things for 40 years, not to replace mainframes, but to expand capacity to where we need to be today, so it all depends on the application, and most of all, the “scrupulous” design, which in holy corrupted societies often goes out the window, is the case to say, to fit political agendas, at the end the whole snowden case is the result of environmental failure, the mountain which has given birth to the tiny mouse, one further “obvious” political failure, of illegitimate politics sold to the best interests of the lobbies racket of usury banksters, financial, religious quackery, and other criminal rackets, converted into rules in sensitive areas which don’t belong to.

In the long range, the “other” solution, not to be targets, would be private, “physically,” dedicated government networks, not connected outside, fiber and microwave bridges, but again running on formats and hardware you can not read and find anywhere outside of your institutional network.


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