Greenwald: ‘Explosive’ NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent

Greenwald: ‘Explosive’ NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent


“Describing German intelligence cooperation with the NSA, he said that Germany wasn’t partnering at the same level as Britain, Australia, Canada or New Zealand, but that it was “sort of in the next tier where they exchange information all the time.” “

Well, we may see the news as they come out, so far nothing really ‘that’ interesting or not expected while looking at such type of activity. As usual, for the few slides around the net, it is noticeable a tendency of over-classifying information, which opens the doubt if these contractors are paid on the base of the classification level, like the good old Fyodor was paid by the words … Other interesting considerations, not surprising in the information age, seem to be that Snowden hot girlfriend and his youth portraits seem to get much more attention than his slides, leading again at the point above.

Interesting comment here about “other damage, such as the undeniable economic punishment that will be inflicted on American businesses for simply complying with American law … services that are at the cutting edge of the global IT industry” which seems to be the advertisement for the hype of the microsoft cloud, again nothing really ‘that’ interesting or not expected while looking at such type of activity, the ‘state of the art‘ of which has been known for a long time, including the latest plug and pray technology, however he may be right in “the erosion of confidence in the ability of the United States to do anything discreetly or keep anything secret,” whereas within NATO there seems to be quite some seriousness in maintaining confidentiality over information that in peter paul ‘weed and seed’ america seem to be in the pockets of painters priests pastors and their accomplices of the usury banking rackets …

Maybe I’m wrong, like belzebu’ used to say, ‘to think bad is a sin, but you are always right,’ so may there be ‘not’ a ‘political’ attempt of monetizing for holy wall street this segment, maybe in order to give holy wall street even more leverage over militaries, besides usual bread and butter politically controlled, and may this story be part of some holy wall street plan ?, then there would be something else to worry about, such as who installed this patsy there ? 😉


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