Use Radmin Viewer 3.5 FREE for remote connection to a PC with Intel® AMT-enabled motherboard.

Use Radmin Viewer 3.5 FREE for remote connection to a PC with Intel® AMT-enabled motherboard.


“Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) is a remote control technology, which is integrated into the hardware component of PC based on Intel® vPro™ platform. Traditional remote control solutions could control a computer only if the computer’s operating system was running and configured. Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) removes this limitation and allows the control of a remote computer that is turned off, has no operating system installed or if its operating system hangs. Such functionality is provided by a special add-on processor on the motherboard that can handle incoming network requests for many useful tasks. Even if the computer is turned off, the add-on processor will work on stand-by power provided the computer’s power cord is plugged in.”

This is pretty much known to everybody, (apparently the control part, is an ARM32 with a number of bugs permitting remote hijacking,) but just in case … Apparently also it has it’s own network stack, and can flash your BIOS remotely (to a older one, or one with the ‘desired’ features of the attackers,) without you even noticing it, Again MIPS (and SPARC/PPC64 if you have big bucks,) have never sounded more appealing. 😉

Intel AMT backdoor enabled by default


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