Why hasn’t anybody besides Samsung decided to employ the stylus?

Why hasn’t anybody besides Samsung decided to employ the stylus?

(from phonedog.com source Anna Scantlin:)

“It isn’t hard for people to see that the finger-to-screen ratio on most phones is somewhat unbalanced. Our fingers do take up a much larger area on a smaller screen than we might like – and that’s where the usefulness of a stylus comes into play. So why is it that we only include a stylus in two of the biggest phones on the market and not anything else ?”

Really, and why not a stylus ? most likely because most of the manufacturers “planned” to sell “replacement devices” to the poor gonzos that bought their faulty junk in the first place (as per the old, “a sucker is born every minute,” one of the best known wall street driving rules.) My partner has one of those useless pieces of dysfunctional technology, that only a slightly brain damaged designer solicited by the idiocy of some imbecile CEO with plans to save a buck, could have conceived.

I have used tablets since the Newton, and the current generations, without a stylus, are totally unusable for what I’m concerned, worse, they are even dangerous because most of the morons carrying them are driving, crossing the street, running into you even on sidewalks while texting.

My partner, which is an highly intelligent person, still sometimes falls in the belief of the “best possible technology of the best possible world,” AKA wall street hype, and has not given up yet, she is still there getting frustrated in and out the wrong menus, letters, screens, et cetera, because the size of those things fits only three years old fingers.

If it was for me it would have ended up smashed against a wall, but since it is hers, I have restrained myself for doing so, one thing is certain, if I can not use my precision pencil as stylus, just like on a Palm, I won’t get one, care less, even if the Christ starts walking on his hands. Here we are going backwards instead than forward.


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