Calories The Currency of All Economies

Calories The Currency of All Economies

(from Green University® LLC source Thomas J. Elpel:)

“The calorie is a unit of measuring energy … money only represents calories of human labor … all aspects of our economy are tied to calories”

Besides other more mundane considerations exposed in the article, the facts are that there are very little chances that ‘one world government’ may be reached without wars, and there are very little chances humanity may survive a IV WW (having been the cold war the III WW.)

The only hope remaining to avoid the collapse of civilization, is to eliminate the “inefficiency under physics” created by the quackery dogma of “monetary efficiency,” by the economic religion.

To do so it is “necessary” a unit of exchange which:

1) Does not favor a nation over another, in order to avoid predatory colonialism and obtain universal acceptance.
2) Does not ‘amplify’ turbulent conditions, as ‘monetary (in)efficiency’ does, IOW generates a negative feedback loop, instead than dangerous positive feedback loops (the quackery of monetary efficiency is one of the main causes of, the other being the religious quackery of ‘unlimited procreation’ in a close system.)
3) Contributes to stabilize other quackeries, such as predatory effects known as ‘the tragedy of the commons,’ at planetary level, first of all the above mentioned dogmatic filth quackery of unlimited procreation/reproduction in a resources limited planet.

Such exchange unit is the caloric of energy, that automatically self-stabilizes the ratio demand-offer towards 1:1, now ‘that’ tells you why filthy christos economists banksters and other rackets “may hate this solution,” in fact it does take away their “weapons of mass destruction” and “mass domination,” the market cycle robberies of the “usury bombs” of bubbles of the banksters-economists rackets, and the “population bombs” of the religious filth, IOW, in other words, in producing negative feedback it re-aligns net energy output to demand and offer, stimulating re-optimization of energy resources and a quest into new energy solutions.

The alternative is war or/and extinction, IOW, TINA, there is no alternative, the negative effects of the current fossil fuel economy towards extinction, associated with the dangerous effects of global warming over food stocks, and acts of god destruction of resources, must be stopped acting on the prime principles of the madness, monetary efficiency of usury byproduct of monetary units, and over-procreation byproduct of faulty “monetary (in)efficiency” and paranoid cult of death religious obsessive competitive procreation dogma.

OTOH, on the other hands, a self stabilizing exchange unit, possibly accompanied by a global deployment of a biologic method to reduce the effects of the instinctive beliefs faulty genetics hardwiring in humans, may lead to rationalization on world scale of feeling over energy. The next step is rationalizing a progressive use of weaponized nuclear materials as fuels for a new generation of safe, under mountain, at high altitude, MSR-SMR, which should assure a non-turbulent bridge out of the petroleum age, and provide a path of survival into the next glaciation cycle, and preservation of chemically precious fossil resources, today ‘wasted’ because of jevons paradox functioning with the quackery of “monetary efficiency.”

I urge herein the above measures to become part of every ‘national contingency plan’ of every and all nations on earth.


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