Merkel Speaks: Leader Defends Monitoring By Intelligence Agencies

Merkel Speaks: Leader Defends Monitoring By Intelligence Agencies


“Preventing terrorist attacks is not possible “without the possibility of telecommunications monitoring,” she told the paper. “The work of intelligence agencies in democratic states was always vital to the safety of citizens and will remain so in the future.”

Surely, but that is ‘not’ what there is to object in the wanton agenda of christo-mafio-corporate-america use of intelligence, but at the opposite, the ‘corruption of governance’ and the ‘hijack of the constitution’ from the part of a ‘civilian’ christo terrorist mafio business cabal in wall street, to which access to such information is neither prudent, nor warranted by need to know.

The fact that this whole circus is not based upon minimum criteria of ‘absence of conflict of interest’ is worrisome, because certainly the ones who value a fantasy man in the skies ‘above’ the authority of the nation, the ones that value their selfish monetary usury aggressions cabals banking rackets interests against allied and enemies the same, ‘certainly’ de-legitimate the purpose of the whole credibility of the necessary cooperation among nations.

As Italian President Cossiga rightly said, “this is too dirty of a work not to be handled by gentlemen,” banksters rackets, religious mobsters, corrupted business, best offer sale politicians, do not qualify as such, it is the “integrity” of the system that needs adjustments, confining the fanatics ‘out’ of the inner rings, because all it takes to break a chain, is to break the weakest ring, and let’s be honest now, how many of those (this applies to both genders,) corporate hookers, christian bitches, banksters addicts, political puppets, is not corruptible, not opinionated by quackeries thinking, and ‘honestly’ serving the interest of their country above usury profits rackets, godly mafias, and nazi cabals power grabbing goals ?

The ‘real’ problem is access ‘outside’ of the traditional military control of such activities, leading to increasing political, corporate, and religious quackery hijacks of ‘national strategic functions,’ to profit ‘conflict of interest’ agendas of each racket ‘plausible denial warfare,’ directed to their own cabal benefits, instead than the public interest, and this turn of the US policy, should be worrisome for the whole planet, since it is ‘producing’ holy wars among the various rackets, instead than preventing them.


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