Spying Scandal: What’s the Fuss about US Surveillance?

Spying Scandal: What’s the Fuss about US Surveillance?

(from spiegel.de source Jan Fleischhauer:)

“The problem with American bugging is that it will never be exactly clear what we’re supposed to be afraid of. The threat is rather abstract — but that makes it all the more threatening. … Why Bug the EU? Yet one major mystery remains at the end of this week of outrage: Why on earth would the United States bug an EU embassy? What did the Americans expect to learn from such eavesdropping?”

Not really, it is all perfectly clear, “strategic espionage” existed forever and everywhere, as something generally illegal but done for national interest, the problem with America is that, since the reichstag of 2001, or better since the pyramids of the coup in Iran, progressively into first the predation of the reaganomics, followed by the bank robberies of the clintonomics, the elimination of protection laws for citizens against usury and banking racketeering, and this decade further destruction of civil liberties and wanton real estate and general lending rackets practices, with the godly blessing of the government of the grandson of the banker of hitler, the governance specific protection duties of espionage have been made legal and hijacked by a christo-mafio bankers-taleban conspiracy private cabal controlled by wall street private bigots banking christos rackets.

With the christo-mafio-banking talebazization of the country in the last decade, such governance specific protection power has shifted from traditional justice and defense area, to (legally) corrupted bureaucracy and private racket related (swine banking and swine religions,) civilian businesses, not “at all” at the service of the US public or the US interests, but only at the service of the christo-mafio banking-cabal of christo-nazi-bolshevist wall street.

Clearly, the answer of the second question, is that the christo-nazi-bolshevist-mafio-banking cabal of wall street, is conducting a “financial war with plausible denial” targeting Europe (and the rest of the world, obviously clear, looking for instance at the politics of installing more “religious talebanates” in areas surrounding europe,) in order to destroy the competition, for it’s wall street christo-cabal mafio-predatory-convenience global ‘new world order’ hegemony plan, and is doing so abroad going around treaties, (legally) corrupting governances, using all means of citizens and industrial espionage, and so forth, while doing the same internally also with a witch hunt program based on christo-superior-pigs based justice driven delation program modeled as a STASI 2.0 (called ‘weed and seed.)

So, it is a “war with plausible denial against Europe,” and more in general, is a “holy war against everybody perceived as not a christo-capitalist nazi-superior wall street and religion connivent mafioso,” except that being conducted by religion rackets cabals, banco-nazi usury rackets, and speculation greed corrupted businesses cartels, and their thugs, can not be defined as such, in terms of violation of NATO agreements. In fact, they are conducting the same type of war domestically against American citizens, and European citizens in the US as well, not accomplices of the christo-mafio-religious-banking rackets.

The US is on it’s way towards a dictatorship of a christo-nazi-mafio talebanate, ran by a racket of conspirators in wall street, the reichstag of 2001, the bio-fuel policies to destabilize the maghreb, and the christo-mafio-banking cabal driven 1500 trillions derivative world robbery of 2007 are the most significant indications, the rest are simply consequences.

Now it is difficult to assess if the US Government may be able to recover constitutional legitimacy (as in 31 Roosevelt did against the attempt of nazi coup of the same christo-banking mafio-cabal,) and to re-establish a legitimate foreign and domestic policy, or at the opposite, if we can count the US as the ‘de facto’ fourth reich, this history will tell us, “very soon,” but the symptoms look very bad, the way it looks is that the next “final solution” may happen in FEMA extermination camps, given what is known now about a century of wall street vatican world genocide plans, nothing to be surprised of.


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