Turkish Publisher Can Öz: The Rebellion of an Apolitical Man

Turkish Publisher Can Öz: The Rebellion of an Apolitical Man

(from spiegel.de source Maximilian Popp:)

“The Erdogan administration has had critical intellectuals and journalists arrested. Öz had stopped talking on the telephone, fearing that his conversations would be wiretapped. In recent years, he seemed increasingly distraught, eventually becoming bitter and resigned. … The upheaval in Turkey changed all of that. Öz initially took the side of the demonstrators on Twitter, writing that they had every right to protest. Later, in an op-ed article published in the British newspaper The Guardian on June 11, he explained why he was no longer willing to put up with Erdogan’s despotism: ‘I am not afraid to lose my business, my wealth, or even my freedom by being jailed and sentenced; but I can not bear to live a dishonourable life any more.” (sic) Öz is wearing a polo shirt and rimless glasses, and has a three-day beard. He went to school in Boston, and he speaks English and French. Prime Minister Erdogan calls demonstrators like Öz terrorists.'”

Well, the fact that the US are ignoring the ascent and consolidation of the Erdogan clerical administration, is a problem and an embarrassment for all of NATO, ‘expecially’ with the later DC US blessing, and does not speak well of where NATO is going, nor speaks well of the current US position. Further, the prospective of admission of Turkey in the European Community, does not speak well of the EU itself.


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