Mired in recession, Croatia joins troubled EU

Mired in recession, Croatia joins troubled EU

(from reuters.com source Zoran Radosavljevic:)

“It has handed over more than a dozen Croatian and Bosnian Croat military and political leaders charged with war crimes to the United Nations tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. … It has sold shipyards, steeped in history and tradition but deep in debt, and launched a fight against corruption that saw former prime minister Ivo Sanader jailed. … Some EU capitals remain concerned at the level of graft and organized crime.”

A shift of the European community towards institutionalized catholicism, may alter the whole structure of power within the union. Very dangerous, as per the case of turkey, especially considering the vatican-ustachi genocide that happened there, besides the more recent wars, also characterized by the usual christian genocidal agenda of racial cleansing.

The event may question whether europe is planning on moving also towards a christian talebanate organization, which is even more worrisome, and should drive northern countries, to consider if it may be a better choice for their traditions, exiting the EU, in favor of a new Northern European Community, more mercantile and less bigotry driven, and in so keeping distance from the corrupted and genocidal quackery of the soft belly of the continent.


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