A Country Divided: Where Is Turkey Headed?

A Country Divided: Where Is Turkey Headed?

(from spiegel.de source Daniel Steinvorth and Bernhard Zand:)

“The first thing a visitor sees after passing through passport control in Istanbul is a monument to cosmopolitanism, consumption and the pleasures of drinking: a giant display shelf, 25 meters (80 feet) long, containing gin, vodka and whiskey, as well as wines from France, Italy and the US. Sales at the duty-free mall in Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport are among the highest in Europe. … Turkey’s current prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, believes drinking alcohol is a sin. Even as mayor of Istanbul, he bullied bar owners and banned the serving of alcohol on government-owned property. Four weeks ago, he pushed through a new alcohol law that prohibits both the selling of alcoholic beverages after 10 p.m. and advertising for beer and wine. “The old alcohol law,” he told the parliament, “was passed by two drunkards. Shouldn’t we prefer the law of God instead?” One of the drunkards he was referring to was Atatürk, and the other was apparently Atatürk’s successor, Ismet Inönü. … The Turks don’t have a particular problem with alcoholism. But the seemingly minor change to the country’s alcohol laws touches on a fundamental issue nonetheless. The country’s very identity is at stake — just as it is when it comes to social norms on clothing, beard styles and family planning. … They couldn’t stand it anymore, say Turkish activists, that their prime minister and his fellow Islamists were trying to dictate to them how they should dress, how many children they should have and whether they could engage in public displays of affection. … There are two social groups: the urban “white Turks” (beyaz türkler), who look down on the rural “black Turks” (kara türkler). Both groups have expanded their influence in the last 10 years. While Turkey’s real per capita income has increased by a factor of one-and-a-half, Turkey has become both more cosmopolitan and more religious, more progressive and more conservative, more urban and more provincial. … “From one day to the next, all female kindergarten teachers were wearing veils,” says a mother who was dropping off her children at an Istanbul daycare center. “They call us dirty whores, just because we’re wearing short sleeves and short skirts,” two female pupils from Pendik, an Istanbul suburb, reported last week.”

It is quite obvious, and not a mystery of where they are going, they will be the next Iran of the Ajatollahs, but the “most worrisome signal” is the blessing of the wall street puppet in DC, towards this and other talebanizations, leading to the legitimate tentative conclusion that the US government has been hijacked by a “religiously driven” “holy war oriented” wall street cristomafio-nazigenocide “new world order” plan, which so far has been successful in accomplishing end of human rights and installment of more theocracies with the subversion of legitimate states in the Maghreb, transformed into a shia talebanate Iraq, and is continuing its “holy war” plans attempting the take over from the part of the fanatic Muslim brotherhoods, of Morocco and Saudi Arabia, and maybe make Syria and Turkey into theocracies as well.

The “wall street holy war plan” is “plain evil” and the credibility of the “holy conspirators” of the cristomafia of bancomobster genocides in DC, in hijacking the US from its citizens, calls itself to questions over the existence of NATO itself. Now not only here it must be decided if the EU is going or not to accept “theocracies” as members, to which my position would be amending the Maastricht treaty “in order to expel from the Union countries no longer under the laws” when “hijacked” by religions, but also whether or not NATO members may want to remain in an alliance where “holy war christo talebanates” are leading the show, for which my tentative answer would be “resuming the corpse” of the UEO, exiting NATO, and expelling from the EU the countries which can not guarantee a government where the law is at higher level of religion, let alone even considering letting in another talebanate of Mujahidin, regardless of the religion, IMVHO even Germany and Italy should repeal the Reichskonkordats and equivalent, the same way as we don’t need an Islamic or a Jewish talebanate, we don’t need christian talebanates either.


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