The Real Scandal is the Lack of Jobs

The Real Scandal is the Lack of Jobs

(from wapshottkeyneshayek:)

“At the height of the Great Depression in the 1930s, 11.4 million Americans were out of work and the human misery that figure represented was universally thought intolerably high; in today’s Great Recession, at least as many Americans are unemployed as during the Slump at its deepest, yet that miserable statistic no longer moves anyone to do anything about it.”

Oh no, they are doing great, they are all working at the christonazimafiobolshevicknew world order‘ plan, the plan ‘to re-establish slavery‘ in favor of genocide banking rackets and genocide religions quackery, is doing great, and is blessed by the triad of their accomplices, ‘wall street banksters AKA plausible denial genocide architects,’ government ‘plausible denial concentration camps,’ and ‘plausible denial’ eugenic mass murder.

The problem is that nobody seems to be interested into stopping this idiocy driven process, 10% efficiency racketcapitalismpredation, christogenocide and economistfraud, may win with another bloodbath, but progress will have to wipe out this quackery one way or another, evolution is slow, but unstoppable.


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