Turkey’s New ‘Sunni Islam’ Taboo

Turkey’s New ‘Sunni Islam’ Taboo

(from al-monitor.com source Kadri Gursel:)

“The goal of the court decision is not to protect public peace but to build and reinforce a new taboo of this country. This taboo is “Sunni Islam religiosity.” … It is clear, however, that the court’s real concern is to inhibit the debate on religious concepts. In supporting the ruling, the court stresses that the susceptibility of these tweets to disrupt public peace actually incorporates an abstract threat and the court did not have to wait for that threat to become a fact before sentencing. … These expressions are proof that freedom of thought and expression as well as the future of democracy in Turkey is now put on a very perilous path by the judiciary.”

Much worse, it opens the shadow of doubt if a Muslim brother ran country can be trusted with NATO nuclear weaponry.

As long as the Military prevailed over the fanaticism, this could have not been an issue, most of western trained Turkish are reliable friends and partners, but a shadow of doubt about the danger of a theocracy degrading rapidly towards the middle age should get some attention, especially after it seems radicals are also trying to destabilize other more liberal Sunni countries such as Saudi and Morocco Monarchies.

Regression in history of Turkey, and erosion of military power in the country is an extremely worrisome case from the NATO part, creating a big issue for NATO capabilities in the region, which may have to be spread on other elements of the triad, and may hurt rapidly the six decades long unique and quite successful attempt of integrating Turkey as a peer in the west.


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