Prism Revelation: EU Weakened Data Protection at US Request

Prism Revelation: EU Weakened Data Protection at US Request


“The far-reaching online surveillance operation, which saw the US National Security Agency spying on users across the globe, clearly demonstrates ‘that a clear legal framework for the protection of personal data is not a luxury, but is a fundamental right,’ Reding told SPIEGEL ONLINE on Tuesday.”

It may be, but that is not how the Internet works, and ‘worse,’ the whole planet may start doing the same thing, ‘as in fact some others do.’ There is no more privacy on the Internet, no more than the one you may find at the market down the street. Now, if you don’t have a problem having sex in an alley at the flea market, or reading your name and credit card number loud in a store, you should neither have a problem on the Internet, ‘however’ if you do have such problems, then you should reconsider your ‘politics.’

As an example, first problem, the US and the EU are ‘determined’ and ‘persisting’ in using the Internet for ‘critical applications’ ‘even if’ most of licenses (besides common sense,) specify that such products (hardware ‘and’ software,) ‘are not intended for use in any nuclear, aviation, mass transit, utilities, medical, or other inherently dangerous applications,’ this story has gone on ‘forever’ and in Europe the music is ‘the same’ as in the US, because it is ‘so politically convenient’ to do so, the ways of procurement are infinite, like the ones of the extraterrestrial that forgives sins, and everywhere else probably is the same situation as well, since after STUNTEX we know that ‘some’ run nuclear facilities on Windows, bummer, good luck.

Now ‘can you see a pattern there ?’ IOW you put all of your financial system on the Internet, and then you may be worried money is going all over the places ? or your information is going all over the places ? it ‘does not matter’ that you have the ultimate ‘secure system,’ security is like a chain, and only as secure as the weakest ring, which in the case of the internet, could be a router open to anybody, anywhere, now what about asking ourselves of what would happen if we put a pile of money on a table at the flea market ? most likely, somebody is going to take it. “But” in order to hide away the ‘failure’ of the choices of industry and politics, ‘and the possible consequences,’ what are you (industry, politicians, lobbyists,) going to do ? Pull out 1984 from your drawer and control everybody, “and this is exactly what happened here.”

This ‘does not absolutely mean’ that the Internet can not be used for transactions requiring privacy, just it means that the ‘faulty design’ of how things are done today, does not permit so, and if you let your bank doors open, either you know your bank is broke and there is nothing to take, ‘or’ your ‘qualified’ ‘meritocratic’ ‘certified’ geniuses have designed something that does not work,’ if ‘privacy’ is a concern. The Internet ‘could be used’ for ‘non critical’ relatively privacy secure transactions, ‘but not by itself,’ and not with an in-band method, it would take a second secure channel at the least.

Privacy comes ‘from design’ not from Orwell agendas, ‘and it is extremely costly,’ ‘but’ the suspect is that politicians, for the later reason, and other ‘appropriation legal dogma,’ already 20 years ago, ‘wanted’ this situation, maybe for the love of Orwellian agendas, ‘new world order’ ‘not negotiable’ anybody ? Like in the case of ‘terrorism’ here we are justifying the ‘state of censorship,’ with the fact that ‘our own’ incompetence has created the leak ? Is it not nice ?


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