Kalashnikov for free

Kalashnikov for free

(from pravda.ru source Anastasia Garina:)

“Mikhail Kalashnikov is a unique individual. Seventeenth child from a peasant family, Kalashnikov is now 93, and is famous around the globe. Since 1999, he has had the rank of lieutenant-general. Upon arrival somewhere with a visit, he is greeted like a movie star. Meanwhile, Kalashnikov lives in an ordinary house with no elevator, very modestly, without frills. He is nearly deaf because of trauma developed in shooting galleries and ranges during countless tests of his inventions. Despite the incredible demand for Kalashnikov’s inventions, his design activities did not make him wealthy. This is not because Mikhail Kalashnikov failed to take advantage of the opportunities available to him, but because he did not want to do it. In the same way he did not use the opportunity to capitalize on his name, instead giving it as a gift.”

He is a genius, the father of modern ‘open manufacturing,’ which is probably one of the few technologies that may prevent us from becoming stone age men again, at the collapse of the ‘market quackery,’ of ‘unlimited growth’ in a limited finite system.

If he was in a northern Europe social-democracy, who knows to what his design would have lead to, there are a zillion of other urgently needed technologies to benefit humanity as a whole, from the same ‘patent free’ concept.

He missed taking it to the next concept, besides ‘economic’ recursion, also ‘technology’ recursion, ‘self replication.’ But there are good hopes, we are seeing some progress, in that direction, were surely he led the way with the ‘concept.’


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