Turkey’s Gamble: Crackdown Threatens EU Accession Talks

Turkey’s Gamble: Crackdown Threatens EU Accession Talks

(from spiegel.de source Carsten Volkery and Severin Weiland:)

“The crackdown against protesters in Istanbul by the Turkish government creates a dilemma for the EU. The Europeans don’t want to tolerate violence against demonstrators, but they also don’t want to lose Erdogan as a partner. … The drastic measures taken by the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have created a dilemma for Turkey’s partners in the European Union. Since the escalation of the civil protests at Gezi Park at the end of May, the Europeans have been helplessly observing as events unfold. Besides an appeal or warning here and there, so far there has been no substantial reaction from Brussels, Berlin, Paris or London. … They are worried that the violent excesses in Turkey could destroy progress made in recent months. After years of stalling, diplomats had worked painstakingly to get talks over Turkey’s future European Union accession back on track. On June 26, EU foreign ministers had hoped to open a new chapter in accession talks with Turkey for the first time in three years. It would be the 19th of 35 chapters that must be completed before Ankara can join the European club.”

They are wrong, they will have to find a partner in Turkey more reliable than Erdogan, since in the critical national problem of a challenge from the part of Syria to the civilized world, the choice of Erdogan of ‘insulting’ the fathers of his nation, and not stopping unneeded restrictive politics inspired by bigotry quackery arguments, in so attempting to create a revolution in his own country, tells clearly that NATO, the EC, and ultimately some of the US interest, may have to look at Erdogan in a different light.

The bigotry politics by his government, which started the chaos in the nation, may have been inspired by ‘plausible denial’ subversion, and in so based upon pro-Syria (and indirectly pro-Iran,) ‘theocratic ambitions,’ conveniently benefiting the same theocratic agenda of ‘new world order,’ backed up by the treasonous nazi christo banksters of wall street and their usual partner in crime, the vatican.

The ‘timing’ of such choices, factually confirms the possible intentions at the base of the religious bigotry conspiracy in Turkey, in the aim of subverting the state of law towards a theocracy, and the consequent elimination of any rights of the people, just as it happened with the US sponsored ‘green’ revolutions, ‘installing’ and benefiting Muslim brotherhood extremist theocratic regimes in the whole Maghreb.

Probably behind this “holy” conspiracy in Turkey, there are the usual wall street nazi christo families of the ‘derivatives frauds’ and of the Reichstag 2.0 of September, accomplices of the peanut grower that ‘installed’ ayatollahs in Iran with ‘plausible denial,’ a world conspiracy for a one world theocratic government of mafio-nazi-bigots, clearly Turkey seems to have interests moving towards further in the middle east, away from Europe.


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