Judge Rules That Movie Studio Should Have Been Paying Interns

Judge Rules That Movie Studio Should Have Been Paying Interns

(from nytimes.com source STEVEN GREENHOUSE:)

“long-held practice of the film industry and other businesses that rely heavily on unpaid internships … The judge noted that these internships did not foster an educational environment and that the studio received the benefits of the work. The case could have broad implications. Young people have flocked to internships, especially against the backdrop of a weak job market. … Eric Glatt and Alexander Footman, production interns on “Black Swan,” sued Fox Searchlight in September 2011. In the suit, Mr. Glatt and Mr. Footman said they did basic chores, usually undertaken by paid employees. Like their counterparts in other industries, the interns took lunch orders, answered phones, arranged other employees’ travel plans, tracked purchase orders, took out the trash and assembled office furniture. … “I’m absolutely thrilled,” said Mr. Glatt, who has an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University. “I hope that this sends a very loud and clear message to employers and to students doing these internships, and to the colleges that are cooperating in creating this large pool of free labor — for most for-profit employers, this is illegal. It shouldn’t be up to the least powerful person in the arrangement to have to bring a lawsuit to stop this.” … In the ruling, the judge said unpaid internships should be allowed only in very limited circumstances. “

A ‘bravo’ to the judge, there are ‘too many convenient lies’ in the US ‘laissez faire’ labor market, including myths like the Damocles sword of ’employment gap’ invented by self referencing social leaching organizations, to ‘go around’ ‘fair labor practice’ laws with corporate/corporative tricks, a ‘legal’ loophole to go around ‘fair labor rules’ with impunity and immunity.

Cases as the one addressed, are just ‘plain abuse.’ you don’t need an MBA to empty your garbage baskets, it could have been OK, if the employee was a 16YO apprentice janitor, getting his GED by mail from Palookaaville college, but we perfectly know that the US ‘superior’ giant holy business egos ‘can not even understand the difference,’ or ‘don’t want to notice it,’ because of ‘monetary convenience’ in ‘labor abuse and exploitation,’ not to say worse, which most of the times applies as well.

Same applies to most of the ‘non profit’ rackets, their methods should be scrutinized under the same metrics, there some do the same things with the additional tax immunity (or evasion ?) additional benefit. “One” thing I learned in decades of ‘honest’ management, is that maximum empowerment and delegation of responsibility always works, it is an appreciated incentive ‘to learn something,’ under-employment, is ‘always’ abuse, it leads to the ‘pyramids of maximum incompetence,’ so greatly described by the French author, where incompetent management assures it’s eternal ‘job security,’ exploiting society with tricks that end up causing greater harm to the country credibility as a whole.


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