Zac Goldsmith attacks ‘deceitful’ David Cameron

Zac Goldsmith attacks ‘deceitful’ David Cameron


“Last week, Cameron urged European Union bureaucrats to allow more farmers to grow GM crops in Britain. Goldsmith calls it “Cameron’s predictable capitulation to big business”. … The 37-year-old son of Sir James Goldsmith, the late billionaire financier, adds: “Theoretically, he could have studied GM and changed his view, but it looks more like political deception. No excuse for that.” Cameron said … the artificially developed food had “real environmental benefits””

Benefits ? such as ? Creating a starvation monopoly in the pockets of usury banksters ?, creating factories of farmers suicides like in India ?, risking in the process the destruction of the ‘whole’ EU farming economic sector ? Nice try.

Even more than capitulation and deceit, it raises the suspicion of being some hard to identify agenda, GMOs in the plants food chain can be used to ‘destroy’ agriculture, as ‘plausible denial’ weapons of mass population extermination, and the same applies to nano-agents, and considering the ‘wall street architects,’ at the least a ‘doubt’ should arise about their historically ‘proved’ genocidal agendas.

There is a need of setting aside the business lobbies ‘conflict of interest,’ ‘so convenient’ for the pockets of the usury and money traffickers, in the greater interest of the strategic protection of the EU.

“Mandatory labeling” for “any” genetically modified products, and any nano-technology related product, should be established ASAP for the whole EC, while non-animal genetically modified products should be banned in the whole EC, and serious study for identification of presence of nano-agents should be addressed at EC level.

“Reasonable” agricultural policy should look into natural hybrids perennial grains, that can produce 1.8 times output out of two crops a year. Forget OGM grains Monsanto roundup-ready eugenic genocide conspiracy agenda of population extermination, with plausible denial.


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