Germany Estimates Billions in Flood Damage

Germany Estimates Billions in Flood Damage


“‘This has never happened before,’ government sources speaking on the condition of anonymity told SPIEGEL ONLINE. The German Interior Ministry also confirmed that sandbag supplies are running preciously low. “So far, 1.65 million empty sandbags have been delivered to Germany from abroad,” a spokesman said. They are being distributed to the areas in need. “

Certainly, when you have more water outside the pool than inside, you are redefining your whole hydraulics. ‘But’ wall street christo finance lobbies continue to deny the effects of global warming, and I’m sure Europe has its own ‘evidence deniers,’ but the ‘evidence’ is there, anybody can see it, hiding the head under the sand like the roadrunner, ain’t going to make weather any better.

A year ago, after months of useless discussions with the usual cabal of the ‘burn, baby, burn christo-lobby,’ here in the US, I told some there: ‘I’m tired of arguing, let wall street paddle.’ And for a surely non possible to forecast event for a surely expectable and predictable failure, ‘as usual’ like in the humorous depiction of Murphy’s laws, it actually did happen with Sandy a few months later.

We can not continue to ignore science for the convenience of dogmas, such as keeping glorifying the economics quackeries of ‘unlimited growth’ in a finite and highly vulnerable system, running out of energy, or the expectation that the fairy tale in the skies that forgives sins, may come down an solve all our problems of physics.

Carbon credits have not helped too much, probably because designed by bankers and economists, maybe is time of using energy as currency, ‘calories,’ is honest, and behind any hype, it helps to look at ‘efficiency’ in a scientific manner, instead that with the usual rigged methods of economic and religious voodoo magic quackeries, such as ‘monetary efficiency,’ that is ‘efficiently’ driving us to collective suicide.


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