Marchionne: piano Marshall per l’Italia

Marchionne: piano Marshall per l’Italia


“Ma, a proposito della crisi economica, «Viviamo in una fase di emergenza che richiede interventi rapidi e incisivi». «Dobbiamo scommettere sul futuro dell’Italia», dice l’a.d. di Fiat Sergio Marchionne. Serve «uno scatto di orgoglio, uno sforzo collettivo, una specie di patto sociale, chiamatelo piano Marshall per l’Italia o come volete. Un piano di coesione nazionale per la ripresa economica». “

Surely, Italy and right after Spain are too big of economies to just get by with BAU, boiling the frog, and kicking the can down to the next tenant, guess both central banks in the US and the EC have to make an effort to explain that this is not just your usual routine bubble, this is probably the hardest challenge humanity has faced since appearing on planet earth, “it won’t just go away believing in miracles,” here it takes work, “rational,” “scientific,” not just the usual politics arguing over how to share the pie, or keeping feeding the castes political corruption.

And if the whole planet does not get it’s priority straight. there may be no pie. There was a very tiny pie in the stone age.


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