World Has 10 Years of Shale Oil: US Department of Energy

World Has 10 Years of Shale Oil: US Department of Energy


“The U.S. Department of Energy estimated “technically recoverable” shale oil resources of 345 billion barrels in 42 countries it surveyed, or 10 percent of global crude supplies. … World oil demand is about 90 million barrels a day”

Like one of the comments said very realistically, ‘The “10 years” of shale oil is illusory – we’ll have far less, because most of it is pure speculation and “technically recoverable” IS NOT “economically recoverable” OR “energetically recoverable”. Gold from the ocean is “technically recoverable” – but nobody does it that way because it is far too expensive,’ and another one adds ‘“The U.S. report looked only at technically recoverable resources without regard to profitability, and warned the estimates are “highly uncertain.” … Without regard to profitability? Then the 10-year estimate is meaningless because it will be much less than that.’

Is over, another comment states ‘You probably own the last car you will ever have. Your next transportation buy may be a bike or a good pair of hiking shoes,’ but again ‘I read in an article that we are keeping the status quo going at all possible costs.’ which should ‘eloquently’ indicate that the wall street christo mafia is waiting for a collapse in order to have a plausible justification for another holocaust, this time in your FEMA extermination camps, Pol Pot was calling those genocides ‘re-education’ too.

There is only one ‘reasonable’ ‘feasible’ way out of extinction, but the holy pigs, the banksters rackets, the churches rackets, the financial industry crooks rackets, don’t want to hear about it, their ‘plan’ is ‘your genocide,’ they are all ‘not negotiable,’ holy pigs wall street is Nazism in nature, they are only interested in the perpetuation of the privileges of their mafia christo caste.


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