Are Big Banks a Bunch of Organized Criminal Conspiracies?

Are Big Banks a Bunch of Organized Criminal Conspiracies?

(from AlterNet source Les Leopold:)

“The record of deceit and deception that has surfaced in just the past two months points to yes. … Are too-big-to-fail banks organized criminal conspiracies? And if so, shouldn’t we seize their assets, just like we do to drug cartels? “

It would be impossible, all the leading government positions in the country are held by people in the pockets of the biggest cospiratorial rackets in the planet, wall street christo nazi banksters mafia. The skim is clear, they are doing just what they did in the previous wall street experiment, finding any possible excuse for predation of all the people that are not part of the christo genocide usury banking conspiracy, and when there will be food riots and starvation, like during the dust bowl, they’ll just activate the modern version of Standard Oil IG Farben Extermination camps, the Halliburton FEMA ‘re-education’ camps.

I imagine you folks know that the history of the wealthy cristo nazi wall street barons of your country, is based on genocides, if not, study history again, maybe you did not get it right from the brainwashing propaganda of your corrupted christo nazi usury education, read it again. I’m afraid they may have deceived you even with the independence war, the “wall street nobility” christo usury mafia, wanted the monopoly of the usury, to skim the planet, derivatives anybody ?

“Hiring the regulators as consultants ?” do you see a pattern there ? think about the names you know in these conflict of interest situations. And somebody ‘still’ thinks that those christo usury wall street crooks are not ‘conspiring’ against ‘all’ governments ‘and’ all the people on the planet ? Is there ‘anybody’ left who is going to enforce the constitutions ? Because if not, you may just make arrangements for your funerals and exterminations, when ‘this conspiracy’ has not been stopped, it lead to ‘genocides.’ They are the ‘real’ terrorists, here.

Either the quackeries of the world, ‘the charlatans doctrines,’ politics, economics, religions, and their puppets, go, to leave exclusive control to science, or humanity can count on being extinct. Those are the categories Count Metternich warned about, the “efficient idiots,” the ones that can do the greatest harm to the human species, a “quackery based criminal christo nazi mafio holy syndicate.

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